Saryu Aarti – Ayodhya

|| Saryu Sundaram, Pavithram Saryu, Snanam Pavithram ||

(Saryu is beautiful, it’s pure & holy, a dip in Saryu purifies the devotee)

Arti is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘aratrika’ which means something that removes darkness – light waved in darkness before someone or a deity or something in reverence. Arti is said to have descended from the Vedic concept of fire rituals. Traditionally, one’s entire existence and all facets of material creation are symbolically offered to God by way of the arti ceremony, performed amidst prayers or devotional song sung in appreciation and to please the deity. Arti can be an expression of many things, including love, benevolence, gratitude or desires depending on the objective of the performer. It can be a form of respect when performed to elders, prayers when performed to deities, or hope when performed for homes or vehicles. Of course it brings in luck, prosperity and blessings for the performers of the ‘arti’ but at the same time, it also brings in luck and prosperity by merely moving hands over the flame and touching ones forehead and eyes with those hands which is referred as ‘taking the arti’. In Hinduism, not only deities are revered and prayed but also natural creations such as rivers, earth, air, animals, food, trees and plants are highly revered and so arti is performed for these objects too.

Ayodhya is situated on the banks of a sacred river Saryu that brings life to the city of Lord Rama. Ancient Hindu scriptures such as the Ramayana and the Vedas mention about the scared river ‘Saryu’ which literally means one that is streaming. Flowing through the city of Ayodhya, this river rejuvenates and washes away the sins and impurities.

Every evening, just before the sunset, Saryu Artii is performed on the bank of the river Saryu. With special arrangement and as a privilege, you not only get to witness the arti ceremony, but actually the day’s arti is performed for your well-being, health and prosperity. Above all you get to perform the arti under supervision (quite unlike the Ganges Arti in Varanasi, which can only be witnessed from a distance without getting an opportunity to perform, here you get to perform the arti yourself).

As an add-on, just before the Saryu arti you may perform ‘Dudh Abhishek’ of the River Saryu by offering milk to the river through a special vessel in a thin stream, amidst chants recited by a priest to bring good luck, health, prosperity and peace.

Cost :

INR 2500 per person 

Add-On: ‘Dudh Abhishek’ INR 3500

Starting Time : 

1700 hrs (winters)

1800 hrs (summers) 

Expected Duration : 

1 hour (minimum); Add another hour is taking an Add-on of ‘Dudh Abhishek’

Remarks : 




This experience is in Ayodhya and begins at the Aarti site it self.





  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Special Arrangement at Arti site.

Priority & Front Seating at Arti

Dedicated Host to assist.

Arti & Prayer material.

Cost of stay if required in Ayodhya.

Any other food items on the tour, unless a part of offer.