Walter Burley Griffin – Australia’s Lucknow Connection

Walter Burley Griffin born on 24th November 1876 was an architect. He was responsible for designing Australia’s capital city Canberra. His specialty has been to develop L-shaped plan, carport and reinforced concrete.

In his early years Griffin was quite influenced by Prairie School based in Chicago. His partnership with his wife, Marion Mahony Griffin at work proved to be quite a success. They together worked to create about 350 designs in just 28 years. The couple was also designing furniture, interiors and other household items.

Griffins moved to Lucknow (India) after they got the contract of an agriculture exhibition design to be held here. Upon arrival they fell in love with Lucknow and made it their home. The landmark buildings that Griffin designed in Lucknow were, Pioneer Press Building, Interiors of Capitol Cinema House, a Zenana at the Jhangirabad, Tagore Library at the University of Lucknow and a few private houses as well.

Griffin died in early 1937, just 5 days after a gall bladder surgery that went wrong at King George’s Medical College in Lucknow. He was then buried in Lucknow while his wife, Marion Mahony Griffin returned to Chicago.

Tornos conducts a special tour woven around Walter Burley Griffin’s Lucknow with special visits to surviving buildings and location where he built. A visit to his restored grave is also a part of this tour. This tour may also be merged with other interests.

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