Wajid Ali Shah Walk

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Kaiserbagh Palace was once the most beautiful palaces anywhere, with well laid landscaped gardens, gilded domes and minarets that added to the overall beauty of this huge palace complex. It indeed did not have any parallel anywhere in the world.No doubt, the palace complex was envied by outsiders and made natives proud. Kaiserbagh Palace Complex was in fact the most well planned works of grandeur by Wajid-Ali-Shah, the last ruler of Awadh, who himself was a great connoisseur of art in all its forms and the same innate personality reflected in his palace.

Kaiserbagh later became a victim of British revenge, after the failed Indian Mutiny in 1858 when the British forces recaptured sieged Lucknow, Begum Hazrat Mahal and her son Birjis Qadr fled to Nepal and Wajid-Ali-Shah was deposed and left for Calcutta. As a consequence and revenge of the toughest time that the British forces had here, Kaiserbagh was unmindfully demolished. Today sadly, only a few structures remain to be seen and it is indeed very hard to imagine that once it was, the world’s most beautiful palace complex.

On this walking tour we explore the Kaiserbagh Palace Complex, reconstruct the area with the help of old pictures and maps and as a cherry on the cake, we treat you over a cup of tea at the Kotwara House, that is a small part of Kaiserbagh, now an abode of the film maker Muzaffar Ali. We peep inside an intact portion of this palace, where along with your tea, you also enjoy watching a clip from his classic film, ‘Umrao Jaan’, that in fact was inspired by the culture of Lucknow and was extensively shot in Kaiserbagh.


Cost : INR 3800 – Min 2 Guests Required to operate this walk. (For hotel pickup and drop for this walk, Supplement Cost of INR 1200 on Seat in Car/Van Basis.)

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Cost Includes : Walking bags, bottled water, wet-tissues, electronic tourist guide system, visit and tea at Kotwara House, Film clip from Muzaffar Ali film shown at Kotwara House

Does not include : Transport cost, non-traditional food or any alcoholic beverages.

Time it starts : 1500 hrs except Sundays.

Expected min duration : 2 hrs

Remarks (if any) : This tour involves about 2 km of walk and culminates at Kotwara House, where guests visit the house, watch a film clip over a leisurely cup of tea.

Walk Map (Not Downloadable, as it is a low quality map) – To Get A4 Size Map, please e-mail us on info@tornosindia.com

Kaisarbagh Walk Map