Vive La Martiniere !


La Martiniere is one of those few educational institutions in India, that still is wrapped in traditions of the British-Indian Educational Institutions. Of course most of it has changed to respect and acknowledge free India, but there still are many traditions, that are a part of the old customs kept alive, to inculcate discipline among children, make them feel proud of their alma mater and try not to erase history all together. How else would one explain that the school has its own pipe band, has military training as a part of its curriculum, stables to train students in horse-riding, school hoists its own flag atop its building, has its own buglers et al. Morning chapel service, choirs singing the hymens and the morning assembly are traditions that are sights to behold. Then some special occasions such as the Constantia Day (1st October), Republic Day (26th January), Independence Day (15th August), Teachers’ Day (5th September), Founder’s Day (13th September), Hodson’s Run (2016: 19th Nov), Hashman’s Inter-Platoon and Inter-Wing Drill (2016: 15th Dec) and many more are treat to ones eyes (indicative 6 months calendar schedule posted on below on this webpage, though subject to change without notice).

We at Tornos have exclusive access to all these and more. Guests watch the proceedings, meet the students and the masters and of course have an opportunity to understand the traditions with closest proximity. It definitely is an absolute privilege for guests to be able to enter some of those areas, that otherwise are restricted for general tourists, to attend these events that are strictly by invitation and to experience the joys of being in La Martiniere. Why not club these with the visit to the college and make this visit even more meaningful and awesome.



On Request / Mail us on:

Includes :

  • Visit of  the college and access to the events as per school calendar. Calendar is subject to change without notice, while the access is subject to special permission from school.


Attending the morning Chapel Service and Assembly will require guests to reach the school at 0730 hrs (summers) and 0830 hrs (winters). Certain special days would have other timings to start, while these would be announced a few days in advance, usually all of them would be in the morning. The duration of this experience is about 2 hrs including a guided tour of the estate and the school.

La Martiniere Events (Aug’17-Feb’18)

Wednesday, 02 Inter-House Debate (Junior Division)
Thursday, 03 Inter-House Debate (Junior Division)
Friday, 04 Inter-House Debate (Junior Division)

Annual Inter Class Declamation and Elocution Contest in Hindi

(Classes 6, 7& 8)

Saturday, 05 Inter-House Debate (Junior Division)
Tuesday, 08 Inter-House Debate (Junior Division)
Friday, 11 Annual Entertainment Programme in Hindi for students – 6 to12

Flag Hoisting and Parade – Constantia Campus

Annual Entertainment Programme in Hindi for Parents and Guests.

Saturday, 19 PEGASUS – Inter-School Science Model and Computer Exhibition
Monday, 04 Inter-House Football Matches commence
Tuesday, 05 TEACHERS’ DAY CELEBRATIONS – special combined Assemblies and programmes in the Junior School Campus and Constantia campus
Wednesday, 06 Inter-House Football Matches
Thursday, 07 Inter-House Football Matches
Saturday, 09 Staff vs Pupil-Authorities Football Match at 8:00 a.m.

Founder’s Day Treat for Middle School & Senior School at Polo Ground

Monday, 11 Performance of the Annual Founder’s Day Entertainment for the students –6 to 12. Founder’s Day Treat for Junior School.
Tuesday, 12 Past vs Present Football Match at 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday, 13 FOUNDER’S DAY

Memorial Service in College Chapel

Inter-House and Individual Swimming Championships Finals

Founder’s Day Entertainment Programme in English.

Founder’s Day Feast for students of Classes 9 – 12.

Friday, 15 Basketball season commences
Saturday, 23 Variety Entertainment Programme (Junior Campus)
Sunday, 01 CONSTANTIA DAY – Anniversary of the foundation of the College.
Monday, 03 Release of Annual Magazine at Assembly – CONSTANTIA
Friday, 06 Inter House Elocution in English (Classes 4 and 5)
Saturday, 07 Inter House Elocution in English (Classes 1, 2 and 3)
Monday, 09 Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Senior Division)
Tuesday, 10 Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Senior Division)
Wednesday, 11 Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Senior Division)
Thursday, 12 Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Senior Division)
Friday, 13 Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Senior Division)
Saturday, 14 Open House for all parents and distribution of Half-Yearly Examination
Monday, 16 Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Senior Division) Annual Inter Class Elocution in French – Classes 5, 6, 7 & 8
Tuesday, 17 TECHTRIA – Information Technology Event
Wednesday, 18 CONSTANTIA –2017 (A day-long programme of literary competitions)
Tuesday, 24 Annual Inter House Elocution Contest in English (Classes 9 to 12)
Saturday, 28





Elocution in Hindi (Classes 1,2 and 3) Inter-House

Debate in Hindi(Junior Division)

(Month end Exeats for Resident Scholars may be granted from after lunch on

Saturday, 28 October, 2017 till 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, 29 October, 2017)

Tuesday, 31 Annual Inter-Class Elocution Contest in Hindi (Classes 9 to 12)
Thursday, 02 Sykes Memorial and Kamla Kapoor Memorial Essay Competitions (Classes 6 to 12)

Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Junior Division)

Monday, 06 Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Junior Division)
Tuesday, 07 Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Junior Division)
Wednesday, 08 Inter-House Quiz Competition (Colt, Junior & Senior Divisions)

Inter-House Quiz Competition (Junior School)

Friday, 10 Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Junior Division)

 Annual Elocution Contest in English – Preparatory Department

Saturday, 11 4th Invitational Athletics Meet

Annual Elocution Contest in Hindi – Preparatory Department

Monday, 13 Inter-House Debate in Hindi (Junior Division)

Special Programmes in Junior Campus and Constantia Campus

Saturday, 18 HODSON’S RUN


Monday, 04 Basketball House Matches commence
Tuesday, 05 Basketball House Matches
Wednesday, 06 Basketball House Matches
Thursday, 07 Cricket House Matches commence for Seniors and Juniors
Friday, 08 Junior School OPEN HOUSE for Parents, following Second Assessment.

Cricket House Matches for Seniors and Juniors.

Saturday, 09 COLLEGE FETE
Monday, 11 Cricket House Matches for Seniors and Juniors.
Wednesday, 13 Christmas Programme and Party – Junior School Campus.
Thursday, 14 Annual Carol Service and Christmas Programme
Saturday, 16 Hashman Memorial Shield, Senior Division Inter-Platoon and Inter-Wing Drill


End of Term Chapel Service Tea

Friday, 05 Maj. Gen. Claude Martin’s Birth Anniversary
Friday, 26 REPUBLIC  DAY

Annual Past versus Present Cricket Match

Saturday, 03 Farewell Chapel Service and Programme for ISC pupils and Investiture Ceremony
Saturday, 10 Art & Craft Exhibition (Junior School Campus)
Saturday, 24 Inter-House Boxing Finals

Cricket House matches for Colts