Village Cuisine Experience

(unlearn urban, learn rural)


India has primarily been a rural country. Though it has lately transformed into an urban base, yet the majority still lives in rural areas and leads a rural lifestyle. As they say, ‘old habits die hard’, an average urban Indian still at times vouches for the village cuisine of his region and loves to indulge in it at times, though now giving it a name of a ‘luxurious experience’ that is rare in daily life today.

As Indian villages today have the so called ‘luxury’ of eating the freshest of the fresh vegetables and meat, using the freshly ground spices, following the traditional cooking patterns et al, it sure contributes immensely to the dramatic change in cooking style and the taste of food. Some of it is due to the loyalty of villagers to the age-old cooking systems and patterns that are followed in Indian Village cooking, while other reason is the limited availability of resources and modern cooking techniques in the villages, such as a simple gas stove, which is still rare in villages and our villagers still stick to the traditional wood or cow-dung cake fire for cooking, unavailability of power to run refrigerators for storage, forces them (or gives them the luxury) to buy fresh, cook fresh and eat fresh at all times.

We take you to a countryside (45 min drive from Lucknow) into a traditional village, where you unlearn all that is urban and learn all that is rural – we learn this ethnic cuisine and enjoy a limited but a very unique cuisine that urban population today calls, ‘luxury’.


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This tour ideally starts at 1100 hrs and takes no less than 4-5 hours. We return after enjoying our tea at the village by evening.

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