January, 2017

Uttar Pradesh elections announced on 2017


Credits : Tornos News

Uttar Pradesh elections have been announced by the Election Commission of India. The election will be held in seven phases in the following dates viz February 11, February 15, February 19, February 23, February 27, March 4 and March 8, 2017. These votes will be count on March 11, 2017.

15 districts of UP will do voting on 11 Feb, in 2nd phase. 11 districts like Sarahanpur, Bareilly, Muzaffarnagar. In phase 3, 12 districts like Hardoi, Kannauj, Kanpur, Itawa, Lucknow. 12 districts of UP like Allahabad, Raebareli, Fatehpur will do voting in 4th phase. In 5th phase, 11 districts like Balrampur, Gonda, Faizabad, Basti, Amethi. Phase 6, will have 7 districts like Maharajnagar, Kushinagar, Gorakhpur, Baliya and 7 districts of UP like Varanasi, Gazipur, Mirzapur, Jaunpur with have voting in 7 th phase. The Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha consists of 403 assembly seats.