March, 2017

Update on lone terrorist neutralization in Lucknow


Credits : Tornos News

There are reports of a single terrorist firing from one local house, Anti Terrorist Squad has taken over this house in Thakurganj area, which is away from all main areas and tourist spot. Nothing at all is impacted, just that, we have requested our guides to bring back guests to the hotels to make them feel safe. The terrorist has been surrounded and soon we are expecting this drill to get over.

Guests & Agents are requested not to panic and the terrorist is confined to a room and will soon be neutralized. There should not be any panic and all itineraries will move as they are, just that as a precautionary measure we are cancelling Heritage & Culinary Walk for today. City Tours and all Walking Tours will operate as usual tomorrow. All arrivals and departures of guests from airport and railway station are unaffected and fall in totally different area. Movements to all cities out of Lucknow or into it is also smooth and totally unaffected. All hotels too are no less than 20 km away from this area, thus very much away from this area.