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Tornos Tourism Consultancy

Services play a crucial role in our economy. Among services consultancy profession assumes significance as a catalyst of change in the ever-expanding tourism industry. Consultants help in optimizing use of resources to enhance efficiency and overall returns from a project. According to the ESCAP report, the number of consultancy organizations and consultants in India is now well over 4000 with annual turnover of Rs.1000 crores which include consultancy exports as well. Over 100,000 specialists are employed, including nearly 10,000 management consultants. The wide spectrum of disciplines and services provided by Indian consultants range from project identification to commissioning involving, supervision and training of personnel, market surveys, rehabilitation of sick units as well as operation and maintenance.

TORNOS TOURISM CONSULTANCY (TTC) is an innovative, client-oriented, international consulting firm known for the quality of its analyses and the effectiveness of its recommendations. TTC is built around the concept of relationship consulting, stressing team-oriented, multi-disciplinary services.

TTC’s clients include several companies, major hotels, tour companies. travel agencies, tourism educational institutions, and government departments. TTC provides professional consultation in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning for tourism destinations
  • Feasibility studies, development strategies, and operational analyses of:
  • Airport Development
  • Hotels and resorts of all types, including condominium hotels and interval ownership
  • Vacation and investment grade recreational real estate
  • Recreational facilities, including golf courses, tennis facilities, and marinas
  • Casino gaming
  • Restaurants and other food service facilities
  • Membership clubs
  • Health spas, both recreational and therapeutic
  • Theme parks and other themed attractions
  • Convention & Conference centers and exhibition halls
  • Sports arenas
  • Business valuations and property appraisal
  • International business risk analysis
  • Market positioning and repositioning studies
  • Investment analysis
  • Acquisitions & Franchise arrangements
  • Redevelopment studies
  • Reengineering & cost cutting implementation
  • Privatization / share valuation
  • Management contract / l ease analysis, negotiation, liaison / representation
  • Public relations and media management
  • Tourism training and education (basic and executive training programmes)
  • Tourism related publications (print & electronic)
  • Xenophobia treatment (host & guest relationship management)

Our Philosophy……

Our corporate philosophy is to differentiate ourselves from our more academically oriented peers in the highly pragmatic, action-oriented approach we bring to the solution of client problems. We also differ from the large accounting firms in that we can get involved in implementation, sales and marketing activities on behalf of our clients, as well as in seeking sources of equity and debt financing where at least part of our compensation can be paid as a success fee. Among the special advantages of our approach are:

  • Accessibility – to specialists with the most up-to-date information on industry developments and trends in markets, technology, consumerism, and regulations.
  • Objectivity – from experts not committed to any particular method of operation or organizational structure.
  • Follow-through – by staff members helping clients implement action plans.

We bring to bear on every assignment a clear dedication to quality and responsiveness to our client’s needs and development timetable without compromising objectivity. Our services are structured to provide exceptional value to our clients in articulating the optimum development strategy, the most appropriate financing methodology, and a practical approach to facility planning, marketing, management, and investment promotion. Through this approach we can provide our clients with:

  • A judicious utilization of our intimate knowledge of industry trends, blended with analytical sophistication, sound business judgment, and objective evaluation;
  • An integrated full-service program that resolves uncertainty about the future by filtering and focusing often conflicting information that may militate against effective decision making and purposeful development; and
  • Continuity of service ranging from market and economic analyses through project feasibility and appraisal and valuation of real property as well as implementation assistance in raising debt and equity financing. These services can be expanded at the client’s option to include tax structuring; calculation of expected return on investment; monitoring of construction costs; and assistance with negotiating franchise/management agreements, lease terms, and mortgage financing.

For more than 10 years of Tornos Tourism Consultancy have helped private investors and real estate developers as well as government organisations around India deal with complex problems and issues involved in developing major tourism, recreation and leisure oriented enterprises as well as associated community, commercial, and support facilities.

Our team comprises experts with diverse backgrounds, including engineers, economists, urban planners, policy analysts, as well as specialists in hotels and lodging products, tourism planning and the development of recreational amenities and other leisure time pursuits. Many of our team members have actual industry experience having worked in all segments of the travel and tourism industry. When specific projects require additional skills and perspective, we call on the relevant outside experts whose knowledge and experience represent virtually every discipline and industry.


Tornos Tourism Consultancy is specifically geared to undertaking implementation assignments on behalf of its clients. Our philosophy is that tourism studies are not meant to grace the bookshelves of government offices but to serve as actual blueprints to guide action. We are, therefore, set up to shift smoothly from macro level planning to micro level assessment of individual projects. Once a project is identified and approved for implementation by the sponsors we can undertake the preparation of feasibility studies involving more precise evaluation of market demand, assessment of competition, share of market computations, and detailed income and expense configuration.

In the next step, we work with local architects and engineers to prepare conceptual land-use plans and architectural designs. These drawings can be used for quantity take-offs and thus to generate more precise capital cost estimates for the project as a prelude to detailed investment analysis. We prepare economic benefit/cost analysis for public sector projects and return on investment studies based on annual income forecasts arrayed against the initial capital costs of the project.

Based on benefit/cost analysis and/or return on investment computations we can refine the final project appraisal by taking into account the impact of leverage on project returns through the use of alternative assumptions relating to long-term debt/equity ratios used to finance the project. These refinements can also be used to generate pre-tax and after-tax cash flows likely to be generated by the project by allowing for tax depreciation and other fiscal and financial incentives available to the project.

In most project implementation assignments, several other steps need to be delineated in detail as follows:

  • Sources of Funding
  • Organizational Responsibilities
  • Coordinating Mechanisms
  • Evaluation Procedures
  • Implementation Time Table
  • Procedures Manual

In the implementation of programmatic, as opposed to project, recommendations, we have been able to provide detailed guidelines (including preliminary drafts of administrative or legislative regulations) as well as line-item budgets on such matters as zoning and environmental controls, inn-keeper liability, and service levels in different classifications of hotels. We can draw up detailed training programs including liaison with external institutions of higher learning as well as set up scholarship programs and obtain technical assistance from bilateral and multilateral aid sources.

Partner with us to reap the riches of tourism……
(Outsource your branding needs, travel process, HR requirements et al.)