Top 5 Vegetarian Foods to Eat in Lucknow

There is much more than just a few heritage sites and monuments in the city of janabs and nawabs. Those who have visited the city are mistaken about its being famous for non-vegetarian foods like kebabas and biryani only. Much to the delight of food lovers all across the world, the city offers a few vegetarian foods as well which you should not miss eating in your trip. Here are the top 5 picks.

Prakash Kulfi:

Kulfi is the Indian version of ice-cream. This frozen dessert is made with full-cream milk till it begins to resemble condensed milk. Sugar, chopped, pistachios and sugar are added, filled in small tin boxes and placed in a large copper container with the crushed ice. The specialty of copper-pot in making kulfis is that no icicles are formed on it’s lest and hence its texture does not get ruined.

The best spot to savour this non-vegetarian delight is ‘Prakash Kulfi.’ It was started as a small business during the freedom struggle to sustain the family. In the 80 years of its existence, shop has come of age. Here, the cold delicacy is peppered with the dry fruits and it is served with yellow and white faluda (white flour noodles that look like spaghetti). The price is moderate and you get a fairly good amount in that price. You can have a watch over the entire traditional process right from taking out kulfi from the copper containers to its preparation and serving on platters.

Netram Kachori- Subzi

Kachori is a variety of deep fried flat bread that is stuffed with different types of lentils. This super-tasty stuff served with subzi (cooked spicy potatoes) meal keeps you satiated for a long time. The best place to have Kachori is at ‘Netram’. The kachoris are deep fried in desi ghee (clarified butter) and a platter of Kachoris is never served alone. It is served with tangy veggies of pumpkin or potatoes and some Boondi ka raita (small crispy chick pea pearls dipped in spicy yogurt.) Galka sweet and sour raw mango preserve is served along with it.

Netram is one of the oldest shops in Lucknow which was established in the year 1854. The owner Netram Agarwal was originally from Mathura and later on migrated to Allahabad. Today it is 6th generation that is running the business. The shop is known for serving poori (deep fried bread), kachori and jalebi (pretzels).In none of the preparations onion and garlic is used.

Azhar Bhai Ka Paan:

On your visit to Lucknow, you must visit “Azhar Bhai Ka Paan” shop. You would be overwhelmed by the paan varieties served here. More than eight decades ago the shop was opened by Khali Bhai and Bashir Bhai. Azhar Bhai is the third generation looking after the shop. He makes use of old and better quality of tobacco. His paans are more like desserts and a complete delight. Think of any variety and it would be available there in this shop. Pistai paan, zafarani paan, sauniya paan, badami paan, wajid shahi ki shahi gillauri, haazme ka paan, khatta meetha paan, palang tod paan are a few varieties offered by the shop.

Shree Kalika Chaat House:

Situated at the corner of Naaz Cinema in Aminababad, Shree Kalika Chaat House is a must visit for the delicacies like papdi chaat with sweet white peas, sweet and tangy chutney, mashed potatoes and spicy water. Another attraction here at Kalika Chaat Shop is paani ka batashas (fried puff balls filled with tangy & spicy water.)Matar ki tikki mashed white pea fried and garnished with lime juice, ginger and coriander. Gulab Jamun (deep fried cheese balls dipped in sugary syrup is yet another must try food at Shree Kalika Chaat House in Lucknow.

Madhurima Sweet Shop: 

One of the best sweet shop that visitors to Lucknow must pay visit to is Madhurima. This sweet shop located in Aminabad Lucknow has a vast variety of sweets that would enthrall you. You will find wedding specials, seasonal sweets and much more. Since its inception in the year 1825, the owners of the shop has striven hard to maintain the top quality of sweets. An utmost care of hygiene and freshness is taken.  

Not only the essence of traditional sweets are conserved but you would be able to enjoy dash of innovation to the conventional sweets that will make you come time and again.