The city of Janabs, Nawabs and Kebabs welcomes you with open arms and those who love to have the taste of the best meaty food stuffs or want to have a glimpse of the meticulously done chikankari artwork which owes its origin to Lucknow, should a pay visit to Lucknow. Rich heritage of the city and the impact of Indian mutiny on the edifices of Lucknow is another reason tempting enough to visit this city known for its ‘ tameez and tehzeeb’. Planning a trip to the city perhaps is the best value for your money. Here are the top 5 things to do in Lucknow that make you see the most of it.

Love food? This is for you!

Sumptuous Awadhi Cuisines That Salivate You Merely By Their Sight & Aroma



Eating lavishly with all your favorite dishes is one of the top things that you really crave for and Dastarkhwan of Lucknow waits you for that. Dastarkhwan means carefully laid out ceremonial dining spread which is incomplete without meaty dishes. You can expect to find this in Lucknow Dastarkhwan. Korma which is braised meat cooked in thick gravy, Salan ( a gravy dish of meat or veggies), Keema (minced meat), and Kebabs (pounded meat either fried or roasted over charcoal fire.)

Apart from that, you get bhujia (cooked veggies), daal, Pasanda (fried slivers of tender meat cooked in gravy.)Rice is either cooked with meat in the form of Pulao (flavoured with colours and spices and without meat), served plain or with meat. Unleavened breads are found in different varieties like Rotis, Naans, Rumali Roti, Kulchas, Taftans and Paranthas. A number of dishes catering the sweet tooth also served along with them. Why not try out Culinary Walk when in Lucknow?

Discovering the Awadhi Cuisine is one of the greatest experiences that you can have here in the city. The city has a full colony of the chefs that are known as ‘Bawarchi Tola’ and there is an entire street where you can find the best food stuffs from the traditional kitchen of Lucknow and can learn to cook them at the same time.

Love history? This is for you!

Embark on 200 year old Victorian-street with other wonderful heritage sites


There would not be an exaggeration to term the city of Nawabs as the epicenter of culture. Old-heritage of the city in the form monuments is well-preserved and helps you stumble on the centuries-old rich history of Lucknow. The lanes and by-lanes of the Chowk area unfold the history of Lucknow. Then there are monuments that bore the brunt of Indian mutiny 1857. Moreover, you can embark on 200 year old Victorian-street and explore the streets of Hazartganj which is a shopping hub in Lucknow.

Love art? This is for you!

Shop for elegant and meticulously crafted chikan clothes


The 400 year old craft work that is exclusive to Lucknow has made its foray into the global fashion area. Visit Lucknow to learn the technique of the meticulous embroidery work that give a different grace to the clothes on which it is done. Shop for it and get noticed! The historians have recorded the presence of this craft work to the 3rd century AD back to the reign of Chandragupta Maurya. The exact origin of chikankari has been no lesser than a mystery till date.

There is another legend that narrates the history of Chikankari to the Mughals that had introduced this meticulously done craft to India in the 17th century. It is said that the wife of Jahangir, Noor Jahan was a skilled embroider who was inclined towards this craft and hence it got royal patronage. Whatever the story behind this piece of craft may be, the elegance of chikan clothes is admired world-wide.

Love royal companies? This is for you!

Have a cup of tea with direct descendant of Nawab


You praise heritage and love to explore the histories and legends behind the monuments, age-old streets and love to talk and discuss about them. May be you seek knowledge, whatever your reason of being in the heritage walk you would love to have a cup of tea with one of the descendants of the Nawab and discuss about how Lucknow has changed all the years. He has mastered the art of Lucknow tehzib and tameez and taking this

After seeing the fabulous monuments of the city, built by the Nawabs of Awadh in Lucknow, how awesome it would be, to meet a descendant of the Nawab over an afternoon tea. Talk to him about all that he has seen changing over the years in Lucknow, know a bit about his family and experience the innate etiquettes, the mannerism and the art of speech that is mastered by him. There is more to the city of Lucknow than just its fabulous and grand monuments; there is culture and host of cultured people and their lifestyle, which is not bound by the financial well being.

We take you for this one to one session, after the city tour of Lucknow, where you interact with Nawab Sahib on diverse topics of history, craft and cuisine over a cup of tea that he is always delighted to serve you when at his home in his decked up small family museum that houses inherited antiques.

Love Natural Scenes? This is for you!

Relax at Colourful Dhobighat on banks of River Gomti


River Gomti of Lucknow is well-known. But, do you know that every day thousands of dhobis (washer men) get garments from the manufacturers and bring them at the bank of River Gomti for a wash. This moment is a mesmerizing moment that you would cherish as a memory of your trip to Lucknow forever. The rhythmic sound of the beating clothes, the water being sprinkled artistically in the air and the colourful stocks hung to get dried in the Sun is a wonderful scene that even the onlookers appreciate.

You can catch hold of this beautiful side along the River Gomti, can sit and relax there for some time and have a glass of chilled Lassi. Relax, De-stress yourself at the bank of River Gomti with a day out at dhobighat.