The city rose to the zenith of its glory to become one of the intellectual capitals with superior class and culture, after acquisition of Nawabs. Lucknow has evolved immensely to become a perfect amalgamation of age-old traditions and contemporary styles. The city has excelled in almost all possible ways that one can think of. Right from culture, craft, music, cuisine to language and to the finest possible architecture, Lucknow has the best to offer.

Here go the top 5 reasons that justify ‘Muskuraiye Ki app Lucknow mein hain’ (Smile for you are in Lucknow.)

Lucknow Residency That Bore The Brunt of Iconic Revolt of 1857:


The struggle for Lucknow occupies a key place in one of the greatest revolts of Indian history. The siege of Lucknow Residency was one of the longest and the most intense battle of the Indian History. The uprising in the city and the heroic defence added to a glorious chapter in the history of Lucknow.

The British had to mobilize armed forces at a very large scale to crush the revolt. Residency has become one of the most frequented sites by the travelers to Lucknow from all across the world because of its historical significance.  It was the only place in the entire British Indian Empire where the British national flag was not lowered at the dawn. It was only taken down on the day of Indian independence that is on August 15, 1947. The majestic is now left with, bullet and cannon ball marks.

Museum of the Residency is worth visiting. It houses an impressive collection of paintings and lithographs. Taking a stroll in the roofless rooms and reading epitaphs on the graves in the cemetery will make you feel the pain of what the people inside had been through. Apart from Residency, there are many other places of interest which have made Lucknow one of the most sought after tourist destination.

Shopping for Exclusive Items:


There would be no exaggeration to term Lucknow as a shoppers’ paradise. Lucknow is a hub for certain hand crafted items which are found exclusively here. ‘Chikan’ clothes are one of them. The intricate embroidery done by the artisans on fabric is fabulous. People visiting from far and wide make sure to shop for artistically embroidered chikan garments. Apart from chikan, the world renowned metal embroidery, ‘Zardozi’ – which once used to embellish the attire of Kings, Queens and nobles is exclusive to Lucknow. Visit here to shop for zardozi embroidered clothes.

Other exclusive items are silver jewelry, jhumkas (long earrings), and special royal footwear called ‘Nagra’ shoes, itra or perfumes, bone craft and much more.

Eating in Lucknow is a True Delight:


No trip to Lucknow is complete without good food walk. When it comes to the top rated exclusive food Awadhi cuisine has an edge. The food, both meaty and non-meaty dishes are just lip smacking. There is a reason behind it. Nawabs and Mughal Emperors were fond of eating. Their Khansamas or cooks used to experiment a lot with food as a result of which many dishes were invented and innovated. Kebabs of Lucknow are known all across the world and are a true delicacy. Here’s is an interesting story about the kebabs. Lucknow is a complete happiness for gastronome epicure like you. Whether you like meaty dishes, non-meaty ones or have a sweet tooth, come to Lucknow to satisfy your cravings. The range of cuisines found here will leave you amazed.

Best Places to Hangout:


Believe it or not, in the entire India Lucknow is the place that has highest number of parks. Dilkusha Kothi (palace) is the best place to hang out, ruins of the building add a historical charm to the place and the beautiful ambiance is perfect romantic place with large well laid gardens. The lofty building is built in the Gothic style. The best example of this European architect was built by Sadat Ali Khan.

Center for Music, Art and Culture:


The city takes pride in being the center of music, art and culture. Some of the greatest dancers, poets and singers are from Lucknow. So, it would not be only about meeting the most courteous people, it is about enjoying the best pieces of art and craft, enjoying the best traditional dance called kathak, enjoying mushairya (gathering of poets for the poetic show) and the elegance that any city could ever have.

When it comes to travel you just want to have the best value for what you spend and a tour to Lucknow will leave you satisfied on that count.