Top 5 Markets in Lucknow Where Every Visitor Should Shop

Frequent visitors to Lucknow know how hard it is to resist the temptation of eating out when in Lucknow at the popular joints. As far as food is concerned, Lucknow is beyond biryani and kebabs and as far as shopping is concerned it is beyond chikan. To help our guests explore the finest of crafts, utensils, pickles and a lot more, we have enlisted the top 5 shopping areas in Lucknow where the bargain that you get is worth considering for shopping.


For the premium shopping experience in Lucknow, Hazartganj is the right place. Apart from malls and showrooms of all the top brands of clothes, shoes and accessories like watches, you would find a lot more. The most famous Chikan shop known as Ada is located here. Apart from Ada, you would get a branch of another most popular Lucknow Chikan shop called ‘Seva Chikan’ too. If you are fond of junk jewelry, pure khadi or just want to have a great food experience, Hazartganj is the place to go. This marketplace enables people to have a delightful shopping experience as it has much to offer both for the premium shoppers as well as the shoppers on budget. At ‘Moti Mahal’ here you would find a vast range of sweet delicacies.

The major attraction of Hazartganj is Janpath Market where you would find dozens of shops selling clothes, footwear and a wide range of chikan embroidered items.


This bazaar in Lucknow dates back to the era of Nawabs, it is one of the oldest and busiest market in India. Aminabad is the most popular shopping hub in Lucknow. If you are a bargain shopper and want to get hold of a wide variety of lifestyle or home utility items or Chikan at its best prices, Aminabad is just the right place to be. The place is famous largely for books, chikan and the most famous food joints like Prakash Kulfi, Netram Kachori and Tunday Kebabi too. Primarily, people throng the place to get home utility items, to eat and to get clothes/home furnishing items on bargain prices. Another important feature of Aminabad is Arora pickles, papad and badiya (lentil chunks). The variety of pickles that you get here are amazingly unique. This place is also frequented by the people who want to buy jewelry and craft items.

The major attraction of Aminabad is ‘Gadbadjhala’. This is one of the biggest bangles and matching center. If artificial jewelry is in your shopping list, this is the place to be in Aminabad. You would also find a wide range of handcraft here.


Chowk is in the central Lucknow situated about 3 kilometers from ‘Bara Imambara.’ This too is one of the oldest and the most frequented markets in the city. The place comprises of inter-connecting streets that have dozens of shops which sell ittar (perfumes) and ornaments. The market retains its old world charm and is a hub of chikan garments. Apart from this, a wide range of hand-made items are available in this market. To get the best deals here you need to browse a couple of shops and then settle for the one that stocks the best. Another attraction in chowk is non-vegetarian food joints. The most popular food joints of the city right from Tunday kebabi to Mobin all are located here. Beautifully crafted intricate items like lampshades, toys and knives are also available. Zardozi embroidered garments and nagra footwear are some other shopping attractions of Chowk bazaar.

Nakhas Market:

For the people travelling to Lucknow, Nakhas market would be an extraordinary experience. Some old Lucknowites believe that it is the oldest weekly market of the city and yet it is little known or you can say it is a hidden attraction of the city. This Sunday flea market is fully packed with several small to large and old to new shops. It is famous for wooden articles, jewelry and embroidery. A small area within this 200 year old market of Lucknow is popular for selling birds and small pets. It is also famous for food stalls that popup on Sundays. Right from sweet paan to biryanis and kebabs you will find everything here. Over 12000 shops are set up on Sunday where diversified range of second hand goods are sold.

Yahiyaganj Market:

Situated in the close proximity of Nakhas market, Yahiganj is the wholesale market of Lucknow where you can expect to get products like cosmetics, utensils, spices, kitchen utility items, clothes and crackers at reduced rates. If you are passing through Nakhas, do not forget to visit Yahiyaganj.

Naka Hindola, Latuche Road and Bhootnath are some of the other popular market places which are happening places to shop in Lucknow.