October, 2016

This Diwali, enjoy boat ride on the Gomti River


Credits : Tornos News

Around the green landscapes get ready to enjoy boat ride in Gomti River this Diwali. Irrigation department is all set to launch boat ride from Kudiya ghat to La Martiniere Collage, Gomtinagar, as it has already ordered three different types of boats from Europe, which includes 70-seater ferry (a waterbus), 14 seater three pontoon boats and a 12-seater rescue boat for emergencies. These boats possess the latest technology to provide faster and stable rides. The rubber dam (cheaper to build and ready for use in four months) is being constructed near La Martinere Collage by the irrigation department to ensure water availability and flow of water for boating. Those valves need to be changed after 20 years to cost INR 4 Crore per valve, which would not a huge amount to invest.