August, 2016

The two names of one river Ghaghara


Credits : Tornos News

Irrigation department decided to give two names to the mighty river, keeping in view the religious sentiments of the people and demand raised by the villagers for Ghaghara to rename as Sarayu. So, once known as the ‘sorrow of Uttar Pradesh’, river Ghaghara, will now known as sacred river Sarayu as it enters Faizabad district. It will be known as Ghaghara in Bahraich, Lakhimpur Kheri, Barabanki and Gonda districts but will become Sarayu once it enters Faizabad near Manjha Raunahi village.

Villagers in Faizabad call Ghaghara as Sarayu, but in the records of irrigation and revenue departments, the name Ghaghara are still used. Now the officials of the two departments have been directed to change the name of the river to Sarayu in government records as well. In Faizabad, Basti, Sant Kabir Nagar, Gorakhpur, Mau, Ghazipur and Ballia districts, the river will now be known as Sarayu.