Chhat (छत)

‘Chhat’ is a vernacular for an open terrace or a roof top. The name ‘Chhat’ became popular among all of us at Tornos as a hang-out area, when we often assembled here for a casual chat or organised some small internal get-togethers to cut venue costs. Since sometime now this place has become popular for hosting literary and cultural events in a casual home-like setting and enjoying a home-cooked potluck dinner.

Today, this terrace (2nd floor, no elevator access, only comfortable staircase) is a hot spot of cultural and culinary activities. It comes alive in the evenings, with host of activities planned in advance. The array of activities a talk, a trunk show of embroidered chikan or zardozi garments, a film or a documentary show, book reading session or may be a cooking demonstration etc. All this could be followed by a great home-cooked dinner (TDH pre-set menu dinner, cooked by some passionate individuals and not by professional cooks, it could be a home-cooked meal or at times packed meal from an outside restaurant).

Since sometime now this place has also become popular as a pop-up open kitchen to organise live-cooking learning sessions based a bit on the concept of, ‘Guestaurant’. Guestaurant is a unique concept also at times referred to as, ‘Anti-Restaurant’ or a ‘Supper Club’ that is more personal in nature and not a a commercial restaurant and revolves around the main theme of exclusive cooking, not to make commercial profits out of cooking.

The Chhat is an ideal place to spend evenings and to enjoy an interactive session in a home setting. Team Tornos is happy to have guests attend the internal knowledge enriching programmes by invitation without any cost to it,



This is a min. 2 hours programme and can only be arranged from October to March, during evenings.