Taste of Labour

(By appointment)


“For it is we who must pray for our daily bread, and if He grants it to us, it is only through our labour, our skill and preparation”. – Paracelsus



How very true to the above statement is the hard earned daily bread of a labourer who works at construction sites, erects huge buildings, makes new roads and builds new India all day. After a day’s hard work and toiling all day it is a humble cuisine that labourers cook for themselves every evening with limited means at their disposal but with great heart and full soul.

We at Tornos have learnt to appreciate this unique cuisine that we call, ‘Taste of Labour’, very basic but a hearty meal that tastes quite different due to labour being one of its ingredients. We will take you to a construction site to experience the dinner preparation just after the day’s labour. Learn step by step cooking, from lighting the fire to plating the meal. Each step is unbelievable, style of lighting fire, pounding of garlic with the back of a steel glass, or for that matter bread being rolled with a rolling pin all are so unique to labourers’ cuisine.

Believe us, there is absolutely no parallel in the style of cooking and the taste of food cooked by the labourers on the roadside at the construction sites or their makeshift abode on the streets.


On Request. Please send us an e-mail on : info@tornosindia.com

This tour ideally starts at 1800 hrs and takes no less than 2.5 hours, including inner. We pick up guests from the hotel in the city and drop them back after the experience. To enjoy this experience it is important that guests are an avid foodies with minimal fuss.

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