Special Mention


This is an innovative effort of TORNOS to market Lucknow through pictorial slides based on monuments, culture, cuisine & craft. These slides are accompanied by a live English commentary, music and sound effects in the background. This is a 45 minutes unforgettable and informative experience for the tourist groups and tour operators on a Familiarisation Tour.


Tourist kit is a utility kit for the tourists going on the sightseeing tour of the city. It is a bag which contains a small torch to combat the dark corridors of Bhul-Bhulaiya, a magnifying glass to examine pieces of decor at Husainabad Imambara, a pair of monument slippers to protect against the uneven floors at the religious monuments.


Our monthly e-column, ‘LUCKNOWLEDGE’, which is a single page article based on Lucknow is sent to no less than 4000 subscribers all over the world. To keep you abreast with this city’s culture, craft, cuisine. Our website too is a saga of sorts that tells all about Lucknow and is no less than a pre-visit portal. Our Facebook & Twitter pages also keep our patrons abreast with all that’s hot and happening.


We at TORNOS understand the essence of quick and efficient communication and free exchange of information at all times. Our agents are available on the net to answer your queries during office hours (IST: 1000 hrs to 1915 hrs). This feet is backed by a fully stocked product library and professionally trained staff. To Chat with us on line go to the ‘Contact Us’ option on the main menu.


All arrivals and departures are unique and innovative in their own way. Especially to groups we offer theme arrivals and departures on themes such as ‘Mango’, ‘Itar’, ‘Independence Day’, ‘Valentine’s Day’ etc. Welcoming with flowers is a norm with all arrivals (FITs & Groups). All these services are not billed for as we have specially created an account head namely ‘Tourist Welfare’, which funds for such services.


TORNOS has a dedicated department that not only looks into the guest complaints but implements improvements and suggestions within minimum possible time. ‘Feedback Implementation Department’ at TORNOS is run and managed by independent mentors of the company who look at complaints with a non-biased view and monitor the timely implementation process too.