June, 2016

Soon, zip from Delhi to Varanasi via Lucknow in 2 hrs 40 mins


Credits : TNN

The second bullet train after the Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor will run from Delhi to Varanasi, a distance of 782 km, and could complete the journey in just two hours and 40 minutes.

The project connecting the capital to the pilgrimage city, which is also PM Modi’s Lok Sabha constituency, while passing through Lucknow has been fast-tracked ahead of the UP polls next year.

Fast-tracking of the stretch seems to be part of the Modi regime’s strategy to project a pro-development image ahead of UP polls. The Delhi-Varanasi stretch will pass through Aligarh, Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow and Sultanpur.

As per the report, the travel time between Delhi and Lucknow (506 km) is likely to be 1hour 45 minutes while travel between Delhi to Kolkata will take 4 hours 56 minutes. The preliminary cost, without rolling stock, being worked out is estimated to be about Rs 43,000 Crore for the Delhi-Varanasi stretch and around Rs 84,000 crore for the entire Delhi-Kolkata corridor. However, an official said the final cost will be worked out only after detailed field study of the finally chosen alignment.