April, 2019

‘Shahi Baoli’ at Bara Imambara to get a facelift: ASI


There’s good news for Lucknowites and the tourists who are planning to explore the city of Nawabs – the historic ‘Shahi baoli’ at the Bara Imambara is in for a makeover now. The shaohi, despite of being one of the major tourist attractions was neglected for long. The ASI has proposed a massive revamp of the heritage structure.

Indu Prakash, superintending archaeologist of Lucknow circle ASI says that that ancient ‘baoli’ is in dire need of repair. “There is a long list of restoration and preservation works to be carried out at the baoli, the proposal of which is being forwarded to the headquarters for final clearance and allocation of fund,” he further adds.

As ASI oficials state, the refurbish and beatification of baoli topped their priority work list and would be among first few works to be done in this financial year.

The aim is to restore the baoli to its original state. However, this is not for the first time that attempts are being made to revamp the stepwell.

Before this, HAT – the Hussainabad Allied Trust (HAT), the protector of the hsitrical edifice, had approached experts and technicians to revive the ‘Shahi baoil’ which once serves as a royal bathroom during the reing of Nawab Asaf-ud-daulah.

In 2015, Raj Shekhar, the then DM and also the custodian of HAT tried to revive the dying baoli. The DM had drew in the Nagar Nigam and PWD and had asked the ‘conservators’ to seek expertise from the ASI and other agencies.

According to the plan, at first, the agencies would carry out the de-silting drive to re-charge the age-old baoli and also get rid of any clogging or obstructing water inflow.

Historians also conclude that with the refurbishment of the baoli, a significant chapter from the rich past of the city would also revive. Baoli is as important as Bara Imambara. A few historians also suggest that the baoli witbnessed the coronation of the son of NAwab Asaf-ud-daula