June, 2016

Restoration work at Chattar Manzil, Lucknow gathers pace


Credits : HT

Restoration work at the Chattar Manzil which had been stalled due to fund crunch, gathered pace again after the state government released 6.5 Crore to restore the Nawabi era monument that is in a shambles.

Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigam (UPRNN), the constructing agency, has begun the restoration work at Chhatar Manzil’s administrative block. “We have started from the administrative block, situated adjacent to Kothi Farhat Baksh,” said a UPRNN official.

He said the administrative block’s restoration was being carried out on the basis of the original pictures and sketches received from the Arts College and from the archives of Uttar Pradesh Archaeological Department (UPSAD). “Our effort is to restore the original shape and colour of the structure,” the official said.

In the initial phase, the agency has started outer wall construction, shuttering, re-plastering and strengthening.

Chhatar Manzil’s restoration is a part of UPSAD’s ambitious project that not only aims its preservation but also its transformation into a state-of-the art-museum.