August, 2016

Residency’s fountain ready to open in September


Credits : Tornos News

The fountain, which is situated in the banquet hall of the Residency, ruined in the revolt of 1857, has been repaired with the same marble with which it was constructed in 1800AD. The marble has been procured from Makrana, famous all over the world for its marble inlay factories. It is the only fountain in the state, after Musamman Burj in Agra Fort, with such a complex work on it. The marble used for the repair work is cleaned by the same clay pack technique which was used to keep the walls of the Taj Mahal glowing. But, the colour of inlay work differs from that of the Taj. The pipelines have been repaired and connected to the fountain. The only work that is yet to be done is to put up railings. The ASI will open the fountain for public from September.