June, 2016

Rapid train to connect Lucknow city with Kanpur


Credits : TNN

The 2.5-hour train journey between Lucknow and Kanpur would be cut down to just 45 minutes with the Metro man, E. Sreedharan, planning to propose a Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) between the two cities. He said, “There are many who travel on a daily basis between the two cities. RRTS is an effective medium to make travel hassle-free for short-distance rail commuters. It will help them save time and money.”

The fare of RRTS is about one-fourth that of a MEMU (commuter rail system) train.  At present, one ends up paying around Rs 20-25 in a MEMU which would decrease to just about Rs 5 for a one-way ticket. This would be even less than travelling between two localities of Lucknow in an auto. RRTS is like a mono-rail system which primarily runs on ground. If it has to pass through a highway or a road, it has to take elevated or underground route just like a metro train.  Sreedharan said that RRTS in Lucknow can either be run on an existing railway track or a new track can be constructed up to Kanpur.

The concept is relatively new in India and is being planned only around two cities at present-Delhi and Vijayawada. Both projects have been approved by the union ministry of urban development. Sreedharan said, “In South, the project is being funded by Andhra Pradesh government, so we can ask UP government too to take up this initiative. We already have an expert LMRC team to take care of it”. The average speed of an RRTS is about 100 kmph while that of a Metro is 85 kmph.