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Heritage Walk  

Walking through the lanes & by-lanes of city’s oldest area, to discover & re-discover the character and charm of a bygone era.


Evening Culinary Walk


‘Beyond Kebab’ Walk


An epicurean delight where one gets to sample the most authentic and the very best from Awadhi Cuisine at the road side eateries. – Non-Vegetarian food on offer. 

‘Beyond Kebab’ Walk is a walking tour at lunch and consists of exclusively vegetarian dishes.


Wajid Ali Shah Walk


A walk through Kaiserbagh – Palace Complex of Wajid Ali Shah not only reconstruct the destroyed palace complex with the help of pictures but also goes into biograpgy of the Last King of India, Wajid Ali Shah. The walking tour ends over tea at Kotwara House, home opf Muzaffar & Meera Ali.


The Victorian Walk


A walk through an elite marketplace that evolved from the Victorian era and rose to its fame all through to the Edwardian and of course was restored recently back to its past glory for the elites to come and shop or just stroll to be seen.


Flea Market Walk


Flea market referred as the weekly markets with an open-air setting which has its own charm. Visit these areas to understand the locals and to test your bargaining skills.


Oriental Walk


A walk through the heritage zone of Nawabi era, includes straying into some hidden corners of this route that often go unnoticed or unknown. This walking tour is a great way to know the history of the Nawabs and their architectural marvels.


Sunday Junk Market Walk


Antique dealers coming in with their collection, some real, some fakes, some old, some broken and yet others worth a million pounds but unknown to the dealer himself. You walk down the road to explore each shop, just in case something catches your eyes. We help you to bargain and at times close a deal for you.


Aminabad Shophistory Walk


Received its name from Imdad Hussain Khan Aminaddaula. Post mutiny this area was renovated and thrown open to public by then Governor Sir Loutouche in 1911. Now the area is a place of various traditional markets and homes.


Dastarkwan – The family Meal


Dine with the aristocratic family on the floor level setting called, Dastarkhwan and enjoy home-cooked Awadhi meal.


Dine with Maharaja in Lucknow


What would be a better way than to interact with Raja Amresh Kumar Singh’s family at his city palace, Khajurgaon, to understand Lucknow’s Hindu Royalty that existed even before the Nawabs came in, co-existed during the Nawabs, later with the British and exist even today amidst the changed times.


Coquina – an experiential dining


Coquina is a small 160 sq ft, immaculately furnished and a well equipped kitchen-cum-private dining room (Booked privately by appointment, not an open facility), that welcomes a maximum of six guests at a time, but is rather happier with just two for a private session. Coquina welcomes discerning travellers who intend to understand, learn and experiment with local cuisine and of course dine for an experience.


The Chhat ( tʃ əˈ θ ) – the terrace


Chhat is an open terrace that is a hot spot of cultural and culinary cauldron that comes alive in the evenings with host of activities that can be planned in advance. Also there are a few daily activities such as a dance or music recital, a talk, trunk show of embroidered garments, a film show, book reading et al. All this over a drink followed by a great artisanal cuisine for dinner.


Taste of Labour


‘Taste of Labour’ – a very basic but a hearty meal that tastes quite different due to labour being one of its ingredients. We will take you to a construction site to experience the dinner preparation just after the day’s labour.


Learn Calligraphy


On this experience we take you through a four hours step-by-step session in Urdu or Arabic using modern day instruments such as sketch pens, fountain pens, pencils etc. A session typically will provide a hands-on experience to participating guests.


LP – Lucknow Plan


This is a complete day package that not only shows you Lucknow, but also introduces you to the tastes, sounds and the smells that are a part of this fabled city.


Afternoon Tea at Tornos Studio


Read from its largest collection of books on the uprising of 1857. Watch a documentary and enjoy your afternoon tea with some freshly baked tea-time essentials.


Tea with Nawab Sahib


We take you for this one to one meeting after the city tour is over, serve you a refreshing cup of tea with some European and Indian savouries, while you interact with Nawab Sahib understanding the Lucknow that was.


Tea at La Martiniere


At Tornos we can either plan a ‘British Tea Party’ or better still a more elegant form though British but is termed as ‘Victorian Tea Party’. It is an opportunity for us to bring out our most elegant collection of china and silver and to engage in friendly conversation with the guests. When the weather is cool during winter months, we have our tea out in the open under the warm Sun. In the summer months when it is hot we move the party under a shady tree.


Vintage Drive


Enjoy this vintage drive, clubbed with the Victorian Walk or just as a stand-alone short drive through the city to experience the feeling of the bygone era in all its splendour and full of romanticism.


Mango Orchard Sojourn


Visit the mango hub-Mallihabad 40kms from Lucknow. Indulge yourself in savouring freshly plucked mangoes in a charismatic countryside setting. Enjoy your mango themed exclusive lunch and understand the different varieties of this fruit that grows in abundance to be exported world over.


Meals on Wheels


How about a well-spread hot lunch when you are on the move, traveling from Lucknow to another city, passing by the lush green countryside, shady trees and farm lands. Full Indian Menu laid exclusively for you with the choicest spirits served on board.


Meal Planning


When one speaks of Awadhi Cuisine, it is so very complicated and the appreciation is in the preparation and its combinations. There are dishes that are cooked overnight or marinated for hours together or for that matter sealed to retain its juices and aroma. To appreciate such a cuisine you ought to have an expert plan your meal and servings. This is the only way to get the utmost satisfaction and appreciate such a complex specialty cuisine.


Kite Flying


We take you on to a rooftop of a local kite-enthusiast, where you learn the art of flying kites and winning the match or at times loosing it too. You learn the vernacular dictum of this game and indulge in a real match.


Village Cuisine Experience


Cooking food in a typical rural setting of north India is an unmatched and enchanting experience in itself, where fresh local ingredients are used and all cooking is in traditional style. The cuisine too is quite different as compared to with the urban cuisine. Learn all this and more.


Colourful Dhobi Ghat


We showcase the last phase of clourful chikan embroidered garments when they are washed after being stitched and before reaching the emporia. Enjoy the riot of colour and appreciate the intricate embroidery on each piece that can be viewed at the river bank.


Golf Tour


On this tour you not only play the game of golf, but also enjoy some bird watching with vivid varieties of birds that flock the area. Also watch the little ones go to school at La Martiniere and watch the boys assemble for their morning assembly that is indeed a pleasant sight to behold.


Eid Tour


Visit a local family to understand this festival on the festive occasion of Eid, after the traditional namaz (prayers), be welcomed by family members in a traditional style and enjoy a variety of Eid delicacies including sewain (vermicelli) along with some very special homemade savories and an array of home-made kebabs.


Thursday Sufi Sojourn


An excursion to Deva where lies buried Haji Waris Ali – 19th century Sufi saint, offer floral tributes to this clairvoyant personality, understand the concept of Sufism and enjoy live Qawali (devotional Sufi singing).


Tornos Clubs


We meet regularly at The Tornos Studio and at The Tornos Terrace to experience the joys of intellect and talk about our favourite subjects. Join this club by simply writing to us and if we feel you meet the parameters set by us, we will be pleased to make you a part of The Tornos Club. Enjoy great food, great wines, refreshing brews of tea and coffee and enrich yourself intellectually.


Grave Tending


We at Tornos understand the sentiments of the families of the buried and offer our services as Grave Tenders. Since 1997 we have had a specialized research team that locates these graves on request, with certain mandatory inputs and can adopt these on behalf of the families abroad.


Lecture Insight


We have a panel of experts drawn from different quarters, who are specialists in their own field by virtue of their interest, reading, profession or experience. These lecturers come in as a Guest Speakers for special interest tourists, to talk to tourist groups or FITs on the subject for about two hours. This interactive lecture can be arranged over a casual afternoon tea or an evening cocktail, to enhance the academic value of the tour.


Curated Ayodhya Tours


We bring you two handcrafted curated experiential tours to Ayodhya, that are bundled with some great experiences including a river-side walk, a one hour boat travel from Faizabad to Ayodhya, an exclusive Aarti, experiential lunch, tea on the boat and a lot more. We have very carefully planned all this after a great deal of research, while these programmes are beyond religious sanctions and are centered around a way of life that Hinduism is all about.


Ram Vivah in Ayodhya


We organise this curated tour of Ayodhya that not only includes the tour of temples, evening Aarti of river Saryu, but also takes you to show the different wedding processions that originate on this particular day from different Ashrams and move through the city to reach the wedding venue, where cultural performances are held and all the wedding rituals follow all night.


Revisting Lucknow of 1857-58


On this very exclusive curated tour – ‘Revisiting Lucknow of 1857-58’, we take you through the routes followed by Havelock, Outarm and Colin Campbell. We visit the areas that were in focus during the siege of Lucknow, we try and understand how this bloodiest siege progressed to a conclusive end, but not without sacrifices from both the warring fronts.


Revisiting Cawnpore of 1857


On this very exclusive curated tour – ‘Revisiting Cawnpore of 1857’, we take you through the areas that were the focus of the siege, we try and understand how this bloodiest siege progressed to a conclusive end, when General Havelock freed Cawnpore of the shadows of the rebels.


La Martiniere Decoded


On this very exclusive curated tour – ‘La Martiniere Decoded’, we take you through the campus of La Martiniere and visit the hidden corneres to understand not only its history, but also to understand the educatioin and administrative systems followed by the school.


Kotwara Insight


Visit Kotwara House. Lucknow home of Muzaffar & Meera Ali. We visit the living space, place where films like Umrao Jaan and Jannisar were shot. A lower portion of this house is a workshop of Chikan and Zari, where highly skilled artisians work to make masterpieces for Kotwara label. This house in itself is living museum of sorts. Enjoy a hot tea and watch a clip from some of Muzaffar’s film here.


Residency Reconstructed


On this 3 hours walking tour, we reconstruct the ruins within the complex, with the help of some rare pictures, building plans and maps. Also understand the events of 1857-58, with a focused reference to the Residency complex, enjoy 20 minutes documentary and refreshments served here with compliments.


Curated Home Dining :-


These are home dining experiences, where the menus are curated by the family and include their family recipes that are still a matter of pride for these families. The focus of this experience is the food and not actually the presence of the family or an interaction with them. In case the families are in residence, they are happy to dine with guests.  


Threads of Lucknow


How awesome it is to learn about this craft from the men and women at a designer’s studio on a half-day hands-on experiential sojourn. Each guest gets a personal embroidery kit to learn the craft, a talk is delivered by a designer and to top it all, an authentic home-cooked Rastogi Lunch.


Casserole Evening – Potluck


On a pre-announced date (please check below upcoming event dates), the Chhat pops up as a large dining space, casseroles arrive, diners reach too and the dinner is served. Guests enjoy a full course meal, interact with the people who prepared it, understand the recipes and of course enjoy one of the best home-cooked dinner in Lucknow at our Casserole Evening.


More on Maharajas’ Express


We present two exciting optional excursions, exclusively for guests on Maharajas’ Express, touching Lucknow on The Indian Panorama Itinerary.

OPTION – I : How about treating guests for an Afternoon Tea at La Martiniere ?

OPTION – II : How about visiting the Kotwara House ?