Lucknow Plan

(LP – Lucknow Plan. Not EP, not CP, not MAP, not AP)


Sights, Sounds, Smells and of course the taste of Lucknow is on this tour. We take you on the food trail from early hours of the morning till late in the night, include the fabulous monuments and also show you the intangible heritage of this fabled city, all in a day. This is a complete day package that includes all except your hotel stay to show you Lucknow as no one has ever seen.

What you eat ?

Mattha : Buttermilk flavoured with black salt and cumin.
Jalebi : A popular sweet made from a fermented batter of refined wheat flour, deep fried in pretzels and dunked in saffron-sugar syrup, usually had with plain yogurt, as a breakfast dish.
Khasta : Wheat dough stuffed with a fine paste of black lentil and deep fried in ghee, served with a spicy potato preparation.
Lassi : Thick whisked sweet yogurt topped with cream.
Poori : Flattened deep fried bread, flavoured with carom seeds, served with potato and chick pea preparation.
Thandai : A refreshing and a healthy milk based drink having a
combination of almond paste and condiments.
Paani Batashey : A crispy round hollow semolina canopies filled with tangy and spicy water had as an evening snack.
All that is on our Culinary Walk

What you see ?

Botanical Garden
Asfi Imambara
Husainabad Imambara
Dhobi Ghat
La Martiniere
Heritage Walk

TARIFF INR 8000 per guest

Includes: An exclusive air-conditioned car & an English speaking guide from hotel to hotel starting at 0530 hrs till 2100 hrs, entrances, full food cost unlimited servings from pre-breakfast till dinner, monument visits and walking bag with bottled water.

This tour is recommended for foodies wanting to understand the blend of cuisine in Lucknow and enjoy seeing the monuments and learning about the heritage in a tightly packed day. The tour is for almost 15-16 hours.

* Time subject to change, during winter months.