October, 2015

Lucknow Eye To Come Up At JMP


Credits : HT

The wheel will now be a 120-metre-high revolving wonders – one of the highest in the country – as against the 45-metre height proposed at the outset.

The proposed giant wheel, Lucknow Eye is back to its original location – at the idyllic Janeshwar Mishra Park (JMP) in Gomti Nagar. And if sources are to be believed, the Ferris wheel’s comeback from a setting near Hussainabad locality in Old City to the JMP would be on a much larger scale.

Modelled on the lines of the famous Hyde Park in London, the JMP too is being developed as a world-class park. “The park is iconic so has to be the (ferris) wheel. Every major attraction in it has to be best in its class,” said the official, adding that modalities were being worked out with the park’s consultant.

But getting the project off the ground would be a tall order indeed. The wheel could cost anywhere from Rs 140 crore to Rs 600 crore depending on its size while procuring the mandatory safety clearances under the SUV certification would not be easy, sources pointed out. “The initial budget was of 102 crore for the project. But while money would not be a constraint, putting the right safety standards in place would be a challenge but not something that cannot be pulled off,” said an official. At 140 metres, a ride would offer a bird’s- eye view of the city’s skyline right up to Hazratganj, said a park official.

The consultant for the project has suggested replicating some world-famous landmarks also at the site as major attractions. “An average wheel is as high as a 40-storey building and can accommodate at least eight people in specially built air-conditioned cabins with audio-visual facilities. It moves very slowly (around 3-4 metres per second) so that visitors can enjoy the scenery,” he said.

There are four major suppliers of the wheel in the world but Dutch Wheels, a Netherland agency and the makers of ‘London Eye’ are the hot favourites. Generally, the Dutch company, which specialises in the field, takes about a year and a half to deliver on the order. But according to sources, chief minister Akhilesh Yadav, who visited Netherland in August 2014, had managed to convince the manufacturer to expedite the request.

“It may take about three months’ time to receive the shipment but onsite installation of the wheel would just take about six to eight months,” said an official, adding that the bids received for the Rs 102- crore project would get the government nod by next week. By the first quarter of 2016, visitors to JMP would be able to have a bird’s eye view of its sprawling lush green surroundings and other upcoming major attractions, he assured.