October, 2016

‘Lok Bhawan’ UP’s Chief Minister’s new office


Credits : Tornos News

Built in 1928 ‘Vidhan Sabha’ is replaced by the new Secretariat building ‘Lok Bhawan’ (the chief minister’s office) due to lack of enough space to seat officers and employees. It is constructed at the cost of 601.89 crore with a capacity for 1330 officers and employees. Furnished with Italian marble, vitrified tiles and wooden flooring, the building also has stone cladding and reflective glasses for sound shelter. This immaculate building has escalators for officers and employees to reach different floors in a fast stride.

Lok Bhawan will provide paperless office and Wi-Fi facilities, an auditorium, VVIP lounge, record room, CCTV control room, media waiting room and a hall. Different floors of the building will abode different offices as the first floor will have the office of the chief secretary, a conference room, V VIP lobby and a security control room, offices of principal secretary would be on the second floor,  special secretaries and joint secretaries will have their offices on the fourth floor and the chief minister would be situated on the fifth floor which will have a conference room, video conference room, cabinet lounge, cabinet office staff room and rooms for principal secretary to the CM and waiting lounge for the legislators.