Grasse of India – Kannauj

(Experiential Visit of Kannauj)

Kannauj is a small town between Lucknow and Agra, that has an older history of perfumeries than Grasse in France. Well connected with India’s best expressway, Lucknow-Agra, Kannuaj falls just about 2 hours away from Lucknow and about 2.5 hours from Agra and is a convenient stopover on this route.

Perfumes from Kannauj have a long history and have enjoyed royal patronage – they were worn by the Mughal Emperors for their high quality and unique scents. It is believed that Kannauj has been a perfumery town since more than 1000 years and the traditional perfume making skills of perfumers are passed on from one generation to another within the family. The traditional perfumes are called ‘Itar’ or ‘Attar’ and are usually made from flowers and herbs, but one of the unique varieties here is made from mud, where the scent of first monsoon rain on dry earth is captured to create a perfume. Very few would know, that some of the leading international brands of perfumes pick-up concentrates from here for further production, giving Kannauj perfumes an international reach.

Though a lot of world around Kannauj has changed, but the town of Kannauj still takes pride in producing perfumes in traditional ways and passing on the art within the family of perfumers. One can smell the fragrance even in the drains of Kannuaj, in which the residue from innumerable perfumeries flow.

We have curated a very exclusive experience around the perfume industry of Kannauj, as a great introduction and appreciation of the traditional art of perfume making, that has survived all the modern interventions in this field only to produce the best of fragrances.



  • Post breakfast pick up from any hotel in Lucknow/Agra and drive to Kannauj (2 / 2.5 hrs drive).
  • Reach Kannauj by 1100 hrs and start your tour by visiting the flower fields to understand the early morning plucking process (plucking of flowers takes place at sunrise, thus it is only possible to see this where an overnight stay is involved).
  • Break for lunch either at a local restaurant or enjoy a packed lunch within the perfumery
  • Later at the perfumery, understand the traditional art of developing the essential
  • After understanding the process, visit a perfume store to enjoy a tea session with a perfumer who will talk about different scents.
  • Tour will end at about 1600 to drive further to Lucknow/Agra (2 / 2.5 hours).


INR 15000 Per guest (min 2 guests required. Max 4 guests)

(Includes : Cost of an air-conditioned transport from Agra to Lucknow or vice versa with an en route stop at Kannauj or as an excursion from Lucknow or from Agra. Perfume experience in Kannuaj as mentioned in the programme above, specialist guide for the experience, privileged access to a perfumery, lunch and refreshments)



IMPORTANT NOTES : This tour is not conducted on Tuesday & Sunday and on any National Holiday. Also the tour remains suspended for a fortnight after the Indian festivals of Diwali, Holi and Eid. Guests are picked up from their hotel in the city (Agra/Lucknow) and dropped in any hotel (Agra/Lucknow). The duration of this tour is about 5 hrs.