October, 2015

Indo-Pak Food Fest


Credits : HT

District magistrate Raj Shekhar inaugurated the food court of Indo-Pakistani Trade Fair & Food Festival, ‘Aman Ke Saat Rang’ at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan on Sunday.

It was a perfect culinary route to boost peace and trade between the two neighbouring countries who have not been at the best of relations since 1947. The PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in association with The Planners, Lucknow and UP Tourism, has organised the Indo-Pakistani Trade Fair & Food Festival, Aman Ke Saat Rang, to give a thrust to cultural, business, trade, social and bilateral ties between the two neighbours.

An event showcasing the ethnic and culinary diversities of the two countries was attended by a large gathering. There are 70 Pakistani and 30 Indian stalls displaying various products. In the food court, there are 15 Indian and 10 Pakistani food stalls .

District magistrate Raj Shekhar stopped at many stalls exhibiting stonework, clothes, sarees, crockery, footwear, embroidery, jewellery and a variety of other products. He also tasted some dishes of Bundu Khan of Pakistan. Chefs from different parts of Lahore, Sialkot and Islamabad dished out their traditional cuisine. Lucknowi, Delhi and Awadhi cuisine also added to food lovers’ delight.

Eye-catching dresses from Karachi, Lahore and Faislabad, the footwear from Peshawar and clothes from Nalanda were selling like hot cakes. Speaking on the occasion, district magistrate Raj Shekhar said that both the neighbours shared many culinary habits but there were some specialties for which both the countries were known.

He said this effort would go a long way in helping trade between the two countries. The organisers said that the chief minister was expected to officially inaugurate the event tomorrow. Regional director, PHD Chambers of Commerce, UP and Bihar, RK Sharan said that here one could see the famous crafts of Pakistan and India besides culinary excellence of the two countries.