July, 2016

Green turn: Veg kebabs on Tunday menu in Lucknow


Credits : Yusra Husain/TNN

Not ones to deprive vegetarians of the taste that is world famous and the name that is synonymous with Lucknow, Tunday Kababi now offers fare even for those who don’t eat meat. The 118 year old vendor of kababs has recently introduced a number of vegetarian options in its menu at their Aminabad outlet.

Sensitive to the vegetarian sentiment, the outlet has set up a separate kitchen with different workers and separate utensils to cook the food, while including all the secret spices that go into the famous kababs. The end result is a spread that even the regular non vegetarian eaters can’t tell apart from what they are used to. Initially, it has been serving it only at one of its many outlets in the city, in Kapoorthala and has been well received.

Potatoes, ridged gourd (turai), yam (jimikand), chana dal, gram flour and the mouth watering mix of Tunday’s secret spices go into the veg galawati kababs. Besides, there is Begum ki pasand daal, paneer dishes , vegetarian biryani and various options of daals and vegetables cooked in Mughalai style to enjoy.