July, 2016

Fly to China, Taiwan, Oz, Bangkok on same ticket from Lucknow airport


Credits : Tornos News

Lucknow will soon have air connectivity with Australia, New Zealand, Narita, Tokyo, Taiwan and China. Tigerair, a budget airline and a subsidiary of the Singapore Airlines, has made possible to shell out less money on air fares, reducing it by 20% to 50%. This would make the journey even more convenient by ending the hassle of boarding another carrier of a different airliner during a break-journey and purchasing multiple tickets.

A medium and long distance low cost carrier started by Tigerair and Scoot Airlines, under a joint venture, in which Tigerair would be booking tickets for Australia, Japan, China, Korea and Singapore. Passengers from Lucknow would board Tigerair flights for these destinations, onward, flights of Scoot in Singapore will take the passenger for further journey.

Surya Radhvendra Kutchibotla, Marketing Manager, Tigerair for South-East Asia, said “The tickets of these destinations would be 20 to 50% less costly because it is a venture of two budget airlines which charge less and also because the passengers would not have to board the flight from other destinations. It would save a lot of time and be of great convenience.”

Tigerair has not started direct flights to these destinations because small and medium aircrafts could land in Lucknow airport. The reason being, smaller aircrafts meant smaller fuel tanks and smaller distances. The day Lucknow airport would be able to hold large aircrafts like Boeing 747-757, direct flights to these destinations would be possible. Till then, people would have to change the flight in Singapore and go to other destinations.