June, 2016

Finally, Clock Tower in Lucknow, tilt corrected


Credits : HT

The tilt in the Clock Tower’s dome has finally been corrected. Those engaged in the restoration of the structure said it was one of the toughest challenges they came across. The constructing agency, LDA is now working on the silicon coating of the monument to make it weather proof.

“The biggest challenge before us was to do the dome’s alignment at a height of 70 metres. But the entire work was carried out carefully and now the buffing is on, under which the sheen of the dome would be restored”, said the officer engaged in the Clock Tower restoration work.

The officer said the metal bird atop the Clock Tower had been removed for a while for maintenance purposes. “Once the beak and feathers of the bird are fixed, they would be installed again on the tower”, said the officer. The sudden ‘deformity’ in the Clock Tower’s dome noticed a few years back came as a setback for its custodian – Hussainabad and Allied Trust (HAT) that cited ‘ageing factor’ as the possible reason for the tilt.

The buffing of the dome that is said to be made of unique alloy would be followed by other rejuvenation work, under which the broker stairs and uprooted bricks would be repaired. “Since the monument is over 100 years old, the ageing factor is visible on the monument. We will be restoring it all”, added the officer.

Officials said the work was expected to be completed by August. Raj Shekhar, district magistrate and custodian of HAT, said the restoration work is being carried out by the experts of LDA under the state government’s restoration project. “It will not only add to the beauty of the monument, but will also strengthen it”, he added.