November, 2016

Dudhwa Park opens for tourists from tomorrow


Credits : Tornos News

Dudhwa National Park (DNP) is ready to open to serve this tourist season from November 15. DNP to open with compositions king pinned for convenience and safety of tourist with close circuit TV cameras, installed in the entire complex with Wi-Fi facility. DNP Officials are also trying to locate the connectivity at Dudhwa with all major cities through road transport.

UP government has already started online booking on UP eco tourism site ( like royal Bengal tigers, swampdeer, Bengal florickan bird of huts, dormitories at Kishanpur and Dudhwa. DNP covered 884 sq. kms, which will have the lone rhino rehabilitation area. It will be a great interest for researchers and experts who study rich flora and fauna, medicinal plants and Tharu population. A group of 100 wildlife photographers of global fame would camp at Dudhwa from Nov 17 to 21.