Dine with the Maharaja in Lucknow


What would be a better way than to interact with Raja Amresh Kumar Singh’s family at his city palace, Khajurgaon, to understand Lucknow’s Hindu Royalty that existed even before the Nawabs came in, co-existed during the Nawabs, later with the British and exists even today amidst the changed times.

Khajoorgaon is the oldest Taluqdar estate of the erstwhile Avadh province and the family is important, as the two generations of this family have been awarded K.C.I.E by Her Majesty Queen Victoria in 1887 and by His Majesty King George-V in 1911.

This city palace in Lucknow was constructed by His Royal Highness Rana Shankar Baksh Singh in 1896 and the main building is in use by the family as their home till date. Khajurgaon Palace reflects a very strong British influence along with elements of native Avadhi architecture. It has a darbar hall with beautiful hand painted murals, in natural colours all over. In fact, this palace is the only palace with murals and patterns adorning its main room, while most of its window grills and balconies have wrought iron gold painted face-plate of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, depicting a strong Victorian influence of the British Raj on this family.

Tornos has exclusive arrangements with the family that organises this at their home, The Khajoorgaon Palace. We would be delighted to take our guests here for a leacture, meeting with Raja Sahib and his family and they are always happy to host an authentic home-cooked Awadhi dinner, cooked by Khajoorgaon family in their home kitchen. Raja Sahib and his family look after the visiting guests themselves and supervise each detail. Top it up with a Kathak Interpretation,




Cost (per guest) : On Request / Mail us on: info@tornosindia.com

Cost Includes : Cooking demonstration, traditional home cooked meal, interaction with the royal family.

Does not include : Transport cost, non-traditional food.

Time it starts : Best for dinners, ideal time to reach and start this is 1900 hrs. but time is flexible.

Expected min duration : 2.5 hrs

Remarks (if any) : This product is suited for a max of 40 guests, while can be taken for a single guest too (not recommended for less than 4) . live Kathak (dance), Ghazal (vocal classical music) and talk by an expert may be included.

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