Day at Mahmudabad with TORNOS

(By Appointment)


Mahmudabad is one of the oldest estates in Awadh (now Uttar Pradesh). The family’s ancestors settled in this area in the 16th century. The current fort was rebuilt after the Revolt of 1857. It was demolished by the British because Muqīmuddaulah Nawab Ali Khan of Mahmudabad took up arms against them during the uprising and died as a result of his battle wounds.

The Qila or the fort in Mahmudabad is one of the few living historical homes in India. Listed by the World Monument Fund as a place of global significance, throughout the year the Qila is the centre of various traditions and rituals. The Muharram commemorations of Mahmudabad are famous all over the world. Apart from the Qila, Mahmudabad has replicas of three of the holy shrines of Iraq. Another important site is the Sangat of the Qila. Built by the forbears of the family, it bears witness to the harmonious way in which members of all religious communities lived together in this part of Awadh.

Cusine of Mahmudabad

One of the most famous cultural legacies of Mahmudabad is its cuisine. Over the centuries a distinctive cuisine has developed in Mahmudabad and it has been written about in international culinary magazines such as ‘Saveur’. Apart from this the cuisine has been also featured in innumerable magazines, newspapers and television shows as well as being showcased in coffee-table books like Dining with the Maharajas. In the age of fast food, you are invited to sit down to a slow-meal that is not only cooked according to recipes that stretch back to the time of Noor Jahan but is also prepared according to traditional techniques. This bespoke meal will be an unparalleled experience as this kind of cuisine is simply not replicable in any restaurant. Depending on the time of year, various seasonal delicacies can also be arranged. Since the meal will be prepared specifically for the guests, it can be curated according to any dietary or specific requirements.

How your day will look like ?

Tornos is happy to help you plan your trip to Mahmudabad. Please get in touch with us over email or telephone and we will help you tailor the visit to suit your requirements. The meal at the Qila will be prepared especially for you. Therefore you can customise the menu beforehand and let us know about dietary or other requirements if any.


10:00 hrs – Drive out from Lucknow (1.5 hrs very comfortable drive through a very good road).

11:30 hrs – Arrive in the Qila (Main Palace).

11:30 hrs : 1300 hrs – Welcome drinks will be served and this will be followed by a talk on the history of the family. Also enjoy watching a documentary on Mahmudabad.

13:00 pm : 14:30 pm – Enjoy a curated lunch in Muqeem Manzil.

14:30 hrs : 1700 hrs – Tour of the Baradari and Library and for only for ladies, a special visit to the Mahalsara (this is keeping with the tradition of gentlemen not permitted in the house of ladies). Also visit the Shrines and the Sangat.

17:00 hrs : 18:00 hrs – Enjoy a relaxed High Tea just before your departure for Lucknow.



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Note : This is not a fun-tour, but an intellectually and culturally enriching experience, thus it is expected to maintain dignity at all times and respect local and family traditions when on this tour.