Dine with a local family of Lucknow in a traditional Awadhi style


We arrive at the Nawab’s residence to be welcomed by none other than the descendent of Nawab himself. After the customary greetings, ‘Aadab’, we are seated in his decked-up family museum that houses antiques and artifacts inherited by him. A short introduction to his family and we are served with a soft beverage called ‘Sharbet’ (herbal or fruit preparation made differently in different seasons). We get into an informal chat with the Nawab Sahib, talking to him on diverse topics ranging from art, culture, cuisine, craft, architecture and history. We then learn some secret recipes from the Awadhi menu and finally Nawab Sahib himself serves us with Awadhi delicacies on the floor setting called ‘Dastarkhwan’, try out different Kababs, Korma, Saalan, Pulao, Sheermal, Rumali Roti, Roghni, Shahi Tuqda and Phirni. The meal here ends with ‘Paan’ and a lot of knowledge about cooking, serving and eating these exotic preparations.


Cost (per guest) : On Request / Mail us on: info@tornosindia.com

Cost Includes : Cooking demonstration, traditional home cooked meal, interaction with family

Does not include : Transport cost, non-traditional food, alcoholic beverages etc.

Time it starts : Best for dinners, ideal time to reach and start this is 1900 hrs. but time is flexible.

Expected min duration : 2.5 hrs

Remarks (if any) : Alcoholic beverages not permitted due to religious reasons. This products is best suited for a max of 4 guests, not for larger groups. The central theme is authenticity in recipe, interaction and not so much on the ambiance of the place.



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