Curated Dining at Mahmudabad House

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The Mahmudabad Kitchens represent more than 400 years of history. The banquets of Mahmudabad are the stuff of legends from Pandit Motilal Nehru having chilled champagne delivered to him in prison in big deghs of biryani to M C Chagla’s inability to continue eating the remainder of a 42-course meal after five courses. The recipes for many of the famous dishes have been passed down the generations, sometimes tweaked, sometimes changed more substantially but never compromising the essential flavours. Despite the elaborate recipes and preparation methods that might challenge a Michelin starred chef, the tradition of the family, when praising a dish was to say ‘Aab-o-Namak munaasib hai,’ or ‘the water and salt are just right’.

From New York to London and from Paris to Bombay people, especially those from the region, mourn the fact that there is no restaurant that serves authentic food from the region of Awadh. The reason for this is simple: the food often requires anything from 4 to 24 hours of preparation.

A solution to this is our ‘Curated Dining Experience at Mahmudabad House’. Rajkumar Dr. Ali Khan Mahmudabad, who has been the moving spirit behind preserving and expanding Mahmudabad’s culinary legacy, will oversee this process himself. Needless to say only the finest ingredients will be used for recipes in order to do this unique cuisine justice. The preparation and cooking methods will be traditional, whether it is using wood or charcoal to cook meats or using hand-made mud kilns to bake breads.  Many ingredients will be sourced from their own kitchen garden and farms. The family will host the meals in their city residence in Lucknow, which is a part of the historic Kaiserbagh Palace Complex and if in residence will join the guests. Diners will therefore be able to truly appreciate this unique cuisine in its own context and in the historic surrounding of Mahmudabad House in Lucknow.

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Under this product the main focus is on food and not on any kind of family interaction or entertainment. The menu is curated by the family itself for the day and the meal is based on fixed menu or could be pre-plated. This royal family has a long and illustrious culinary tradition and is known to be loyal to it even today. It is just this passion for authentic family recipes and undiluted tradition of culinary expertise that is the highlight of the meals served here.