September, 2016

By Nov 30, Gomti riverfront will be open for public


Credits : Tornos News

The Gomti riverfront is all set to open for public by November 30, the work related to the river cruise, water bus and musical fountain on the banks of Gomti River is almost completed. An official said the development works is under process on left bank of the river from Gomti barrage to rubber dam site which should be completed by October 15. He also told officials to organise sports competitions after completing the under-construction cricket stadium and sports complex on the right bank of the river by October 15.

To ensure safety of Gomti banks, Bhatnagar directed authorities for arrangement of funds by Avas Vikas department for construction of embankment on right bank up to Sultanpur road at a cost of 96 crore and from the side of stadium to the right side of Amar Shaheed Path up to 45 metres of master plan road at a cost of 250 crore.