October, 2016

Book to memorialize Gori Bibi


Credits : Tornos News

La Martinere College is coming up with a book on ‘Boulone Lise’ popularly known as ‘Gori Bibi’ after a meticulous research through certain historical records. Gori Bibi (daughter of Nawab Fazal Khan Bahadur, the grandson of the Vizier (prime minister) of Emperor Aurangzeb) was the most beloved and faithful companion of Major General Claude Martin. She met Martin in 1775 at the age of nine, was brought up as a child with love and care, educated with fondness as father by him. She chose to stay at his household instead of Martin’s advice to marry anyone of her community and was buried on the grounds of La Martinere College.

This book is the collection of exclusive pictures of Gori Bibi’s profile, her tomb and its restoration (captured through drone cameras over four years) at La Martiniere College, clicked by Miss Mohsina Mirza (teacher at La Martiniere College), and has been compiled by college Principal Carlyle McFarland and Mirza both. Students will learn historical aspects of the school through this book. The book will be released on 9 October by the French ambassador Alexandre Ziegler.