Bells, Beats & Ballet – Kathak Workshop

Kathak is one of the eight classical dance forms of India. Its famous three ‘gharanas’ or the schools are Lucknow, Jaipur and Banaras, where Lucknow is considered to be the most superior of these all, due to its distinctive style that includes intricate hand, foot and eye movement and above all, intense facial expressions that make the story come alive. From love stories of Lord Krishna, to description of Lord Shiva’s personality, from entertainment evenings at the royal courts of Mughals and the Nawabs of Awadh or for that matter a devotee’s love for God as part of Sufi belief, Kathak is about visually narrating a story through a dance. Kathak dance form is in fact the most secular of all dance forms in India, living up to Hindu-Muslim unity, in line with secular principles of Awadh, particularly that of Lucknow, which is a part of its social fabric.

Under our product, ‘Bells, Beats and Ballet – (Kathak Workshop), we at Tornos bring to you 3 exciting options to choose from:-

  • (1 hour) ‘Watch them Learn & Perform’ at a Kathak School’
  • (2 hours) ‘Learning and Appreciation Session’
  • (2 days) ‘Intensive Understanding Programme’ of Kathak
Cost :

INR 2500 per person – (1 hour) ‘Watch them Learn & Perform’ at a Kathak School’

INR 3500 per person – (2 hours) ‘Learning and Appreciation Session’

INR 10,000 per person – (2 days) ‘Intensive Understanding Programme’ of Kathak

Starting Time : 

6 pm – (1 hour) ‘Watch them Learn & Perform’ at a Kathak School’

6 pm – (2 hours) ‘Learning and Appreciation Session’

10 am – (2 days / 12 hours) ‘Intensive Understanding Programme’ of Kathak

Expected Duration : 

1 or 2 hours as per programme chosen.

For 2 days Intensive Understanding Programme – 6 hours a day / 12 hours

Remarks : 

2 Days intensive understanding programme will require a notice well in advance to fix an exclusive session with the teacher. 


  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions

Accompanying representative to assist.

Short lecture by a Kathak exponent/teacher.

Privileged permission to attend the session at a local Kathak dance school.

Subject related reference material shown during the session.

Light refreshment during the session.

Transport to and from the session venue.

Any other food items on the tour, unless a part of offer.


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