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by Tornos

About Ayodhya

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Programme –01 (same day return trip, 12 hours, including driving time, visits and activities)

Post early breakfast (ideal time to leave: 0730 hrs or earlier, the better) we will leave Lucknow for Ayodhya (150 km / 2.5 hrs), upon arrival we will visit Ram Janam Bhoomi, Hanuman Gari and later visit Kanak Bhawan. We will enjoy our lunch at the temple complex of Kanak Bhawan. Post lunch we will reach Kanchan Bhawan the starting point of our Mokshdayani Walk. Walking through the stretch by the side of Saryu river we will finally reach Nageshwarnath temple, from here we reach the river-ghat to board our boat. Enjoy a short joy ride through the fast flowing river and later we reach the ghat to witness and indulge in the aarti ceremony. We will now board our car and return to Lucknow, to reach by late dinner time.

Highlights : Visit of Ram Janam Bhoomi, Mokshdayni Walk; A short motor boat ride on Saryu river and diya-offering (earthen lamps); Lunch at Kanak Bhawan Rasoi served in copper utensils.

Cost : 10,000 per person (minimum of 2 persons required to operate)

What will be included in this programme ?

  • An exclusive air-conditioned car from and to Lucknow
  • Accompanying exclusive English speaking guide
  • Exclusive motor-boat from Faizabad to Ayodhya
  • Meals : Lunch (01), Tea & Refreshments as per programme

Also See Mokshdayni Walk

Programme –02 (1 night stay in Ayodhya, includes tour of Faizabad sites)

At am hours (preferably by 0900 hrs) we will leave Lucknow for Ayodhya on a 2 hours drive, on arrival we reach Gurukul to be welcomed by the children, enjoy a Hindu lunch with them and later check-in at the Manas Bhawan or at the Krishna Palace hotel. This evening we will visit Bahu Begum’s Mausoleum in Faizabad, later we will board a boat from Guptar Ghat for one hour journey to Ayodhya, on this journey we will en route enjoy some refreshments and tea either on a natural river island or on the boat (depending on river condition). Reach Saryu Ayodhya Ghat in time for the evening Aarti. This Aarti is on your behalf today, where an exclusive priest will conduct the ceremony, while all of this will be interpreted to you. Collect blessings of Mother Saryu and we will visit a local home for a home-cooked dinner with a local Brahmin family. Post dinner return to Manas Bhawan/Krishna Palace Hotel for an overnight stay.

Our second day will start quite early at about 0500 hrs, when we will drive to Kanchan Bhawan, the starting point of our Mokshdayani Walk. This walk is curated by Tornos and quite exclusive as it is based on the concept of life by the side of the Saryu Ghat, this walking tour introduces us to the life of this ancient Hindu-city that is not only the birth place of Lord Rama, but has a vivid history and religious interpretations that make each temple here unique and has a story and logic behind each one. Be it the Jhumki Ghat named after a saint, who is said to be a devout worshiper of Sita, or Sahast Dhara that till dates holds the distinction of taking away the life of a wrong doer who swears by the river in his own defence. Also Rudra-abhishek ceremony is scheduled exclusively for you at the Nageshwarnath Temple, after this half an hour ritual, we will be served a local breakfast at the ghat itself. Post this breakfast we will return to Manas Bhawan / Krishna Palace for wash and change or may be also a second round of a limited cold American Breakfast (in room). At about 1100 hrs we will once again be leaving for our visit of Kanak Bhawan, here we will enjoy our Lunch at the Rasoi within the premises of Kanak Bhawan. Post Lunch we will visit Ram Janam Bhoomi the main site, where Lord Rama was born followed by Hanuman Garhi. We would then leave Ayodhya to drive back to Lucknow. Reach Lucknow by dinner with loads of blessings and a changed life.

Highlights : Lunch at Gurukul with Children, who are priests in the making; one hour boat travel from Faizabad to Ayodhya with tea and refreshments on the boat or a natural river island; exclusive Saryu river Aarti; Mokshdayni Walk; Exclusive Rudra-abhishek at Nageshwarnath temple.

Cost : 13500 per person on twin sharing basis

What will be included in this programme ?

  • An exclusive air-conditioned car from and to Lucknow and during stay in Ayodhya/Faizabad
  • Stay for 01 night in air-conditioned room with traditional breakfast and alternate limited American Breakfast
  • Accompanying exclusive English speaking guide & services of a priest during religious rituals
  • An exclusive Aarti arrangements and Rudra-abhishek
  • Exclusive motor-boat from Faizabad to Ayodhya
  • Meals : Breakfast (01), Lunch (01), Dinner (01), Tea & Refreshments as per programme.

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What all you should not expect on these tours ?

  • Do not expect a star category like hotel comforts, though we try and compensate many shortcomings by including a tea and coffee maker in room, supervised cleaning and steward in attendance. Of course it would be a neat and clean air-conditioned accommodation with modern facilities yet it might be a bit challenging for a few.
  • Meals served here are strictly vegetarian meals and at times may not include ginger and garlic, having warned about this we still highly rate the meals served, as it is an experience in itself. Some of our guests may find an Indian breakfast too heavy to be relished, thus we have an alternate arrangement in place to include packed croissants, soft bread, butter, preserves, muffins, juices etc. but again please do not expect this to be an elaborate spread.
  • Ayodhya is a wonderful religious town with a rich culture and provides a great experience but to enjoy it , you need to overlook many shortcomings at times in terms of infrastructure that often remains an issue in all ancient Indian towns, with limited space and resources. At all levels we try and do our best to provide you a great experience devoid of all shortcomings, yet urge you to be accommodating and understand that often things may not move the way you want them to.
  • While utmost care has been taken in terms of multiple reconnaissance tours and researches before the launch of all our tour programmes, but most of our programmes are unique and quite out of box, thus there might be certain inclusions or visits that practically do not fit in at the last moment for many unforeseen reasons and last moment developments. In such cases we reserve the right to change to an alternate programme that should be equally exciting and we would recommend you accept it with trust on us to enjoy the tour.

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