Aristocratic Home Dining in Lucknow (Itaunja House)

(Itaunja House)


Itaunja House, Lucknow

The royal estate of the Itaunja (now a small town on the road to Sitapur) is about 40 km from Lucknow and the main palace of Itaunja is situated there. Lucknow being the capital of Oudh and later United Provinces was supposed to have representative homes of all royalty that came under it, so did Itaunja. Most of these royal estates had much larger homes initially, but after India became independent, most of these royalties either lost portions of their city palaces to government, leaving them with only small areas to live (though these are still too large as compared to modern homes) or sold off portions to augment their incomes. Similarly Itaunja House, the city palace of Itaunja Royalty retained the main portion of the palace, maintaining it as their inherited heritage home, which the family continues to use as their home.

Raja Sahib Itaunja with his wife

Raja Sahib and Rani Sahiba Itaunja (Pic credit : Adity Chakravarti)

A beautiful lobby leads guests to Itaunja House, where the architecture, high ceiling rooms,  black and white marble and coloured glass windows are enough to take guests back to glorious times when the family ruled an entire town of Itaunja. Raja Raghavendra Pratap Singh, Raja of Itaunja, is a sophisticated gentleman and passionate about restoring the palace both here and in his estate, Itaunja. His degree in design is evident in colours and décor that he has judiciously used while restoring his home and still maintaining its soul. “During the World War, this home was actually turned into an extension of King George’s Hospital due to paucity of beds there, given its proximity to the hospital” – this unknown fact and many other such interesting ones will be a part of conversation that Raj Sahib Itaunja will have with guests over drinks. Culinary tradition of Itaunja is yet another reason to be here, where the family has an array of closely guarded family recipes from which they curate the day’s dinner.

A typical evening here starts with an introduction to his family and a casual conversation over evening drinks followed by a home cooked dinner constituting dishes from family’s well guarded dining heritage. Tornos has exclusive arrangements with the family that organises this at their home, The Itaunja House. Top it up with a Kathak Interpretation,




Cost (per guest) : On Request / Mail us on:

Cost Includes : Traditional home cooked meal, interaction with the royal family.

Does not include : Transport cost, non-traditional food.

Time it starts : Best for dinners, ideal time to reach and start this is 1900 hrs. but time is flexible.

Expected min duration : 2.5 hrs

Remarks (if any) : This product is suited for a max of 15 guests, while can be taken for a single guest too (not recommended for less than 4) . live Kathak (dance), Ghazal (vocal classical music) and talk by an expert may be included.


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