One of the carefree pastimes that keep you stress-free as long as you indulge in it, one of the fun-filled activities that make you recall your childhood and an activity that brings you close to the nature is kite-flying. On your trip to the city of Nawabs, when you visit to the Chowk area at the evening time you will find several colorful kites soaring high on the sky. The fun of children flying them, cutting other kites and then grabbing the fallen ones is a common site. During your visit to Lucknow, if you want to feel easy and better, do not give a second thought to flying kites. Sheer enjoyment of the activity will make you feel like getting the best value both for your time and money. Here are the top 5 reasons why kite flying makes you feel great.

Anatomic Changes in Brain That Make You Feel Better:

Research has shown that flying of kites is associated with the anatomic changes in brain that involves learning and emotions. Since it needs alertness of mind it is said to alleviate any pain or stress. Moreover, when you watch your own kites drifting across the sky, you will feel enthralled on your achievement. It makes you so engrossed that you let the stress go while you fly it.

You Are Close To Nature:

The fun-filled outdoor activity makes you feel close to the nature. Seeing the great expanse of sky and feeling the touch of wind makes you happier. You can soak yourself up in the blue space that is beneficial for your health also. The whole activity right from tying string to it to your efforts in making it soar high in the sky all the parts of this activity is so engaging and bring you to the close proximity of Nature.

A Good Cardio Work Out:

Regular kite flyers do not need to indulge in any sort of other work outs. Once you have tied the string to it, there is much running around to be done whether you are on your rooftop or on ground. There is much to do to keep the blood gushing in and out of the heart which is essential for keeping it in good health. Research has shown that it is a good cardio work out.

You Socialize:

Though kites can be flown alone also it feels great when the activity is carried out in a group. It can be a great way to have a great get-together. Right from tying strings to it, to make it fly higher and then cutting and grabbing other kites will make you feel great. You build connections and there are festivals when people gather in a large number to have fun together while flying kites.

Making Your Own is An Act of Artistry:

A colorful kite soaring gracefully in the sky is a beautiful site. When you make your own kite to fly it is self-gratifying. It is easy, fun-filled and it is no lesser than happiness on string.

We take you on the exploration visit to a rooftop and you learn the art of flying kites. You will learn all the rules of this engrossing outdoor game and we bet you would be so engaged in the activity that you may end up praying to God that Sun may never set so that you keep on flying kites all day and night.