August, 2016

3 entrance gates at Charbagh to close in peak hours


Credits : Tornos News

There are four entrances to the station but only the main entrance to Northern Railway station at Charbagh will be open 24×7, while three other entrances during peak rush hours (from 5am to 8am and 6pm to 8pm) will be closed for security reasons. The first entrance is near the railway post office, second near the parcel office, third near Dargah Khammanpeer and fourth close to the booking hall.

According to SP, the initiative has been taken to step up security at the crowded hub. On Tuesday, while briefing GRP personnel said that all four entrances will be closed on orders of director general, GRP and three to four constables along with a sub-inspector will be present at the entrance.

The cart facility started on Tuesday for elderly and disabled persons at Charbagh railway station will pick a passenger from the entrance and drop him at the train’s door. The easy-to-drive and soundless carts, based on the design of a golf cart, will also carry luggage and are free of cost.