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Tornos is an experiential tour company operating primarily in the north & central India since 1994 with our own offices at many places and handpicked representations at many others. The travel genre in which we specialise include, Gastronomy, History, Culture and Craft, and all of these are offered through immersive travel experiences with well-researched knowledge about each subject. Read more about us…

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Offering international standards and unmatched service quality, Tornos itself is a stamp of highest quality and perfection. In these times of global pandemic, Tornos is committed to provide a safe experience and has thus earned a Safe Travel Stamp by WTTC. This implies you are safest when traveling with us. Check our Safe Travel Parameters…

This is a destination resource website on Lucknow and its nearby areas as Tornos’ tribute to the city where it was born, grew up and flourished – Lucknow is a non-touristy Indian city that prides itself in having inherited a fabulous history, culture, cuisine & craft spanning over 425 evident years. It has been Tornos’ endeavour to make this touristically lesser known Indian city known to the world and help visitors understand it better and connect to it more intrinsically…


    Lucknowledge (Article from our monthly newsletter)

    • Escape to Massacre – Satichaura Ghat, Cawnpore 1857

      After the offer of safe passage for all in the Wheeler’s Entrenchment was accepted, as per the schedule, all had to leave the entrenchment for the nearest bank of the Ganges named, ‘Satichaura Ghat’ on the 27th day of June. About one and a half kilometre away from Wheeler’s Entrenchment as per the agreement between Major General Sir Hugh Massy Wheeler and Nana Sahib, forty boats with roofs made of straw were arranged to sail them from Cawnpore to Allahabad.

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