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Tornos is a tour company that owes its success to Lucknow, thus it presents a resource site to tell the world about this beautiful, but forgotten city. Our endeavour is to project this northern Indian city that gave us immense support, love and courage in our start-up days.

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Family Meal

Dastarkhwan - We learn some secret recipes from the Awadhi menu and finally move to the dining hall where our host himself serves us with Awadhi delicacies on the floor setting called 'Dastarkhwan'. more...

Dine with The Maharaja and his family in Lucknow, at his city palace. check this out...

Heritage Walk & Victorian Walk

We take you into the lanes and by-lanes of Chowk, exploring the unexplored. We take you into the bygone era, that is a world unto itself. more on Heritage Walk...

Victorian era was known for its style and grandeur. Lucknow too was greatly influenced by this in its  own way. Check-out our Victorian Walk

Evening Culinary Walk

When in Lucknow, you ought to indulge in sinful act of eating the rich Awadhi Cuisine at the roadside eateries that promise a taste that one can not imagine in the up-market restaurants of Lucknow or outside. We at Tornos have planned a Culinary Walk of Lucknow by hand-picking just the best for you. more...

Tea at The Tornos Studio

You are served tea in a perfect British style. The setting is so elegant and the ambience breathtaking, to top it all you have an option to read from the largest collection of books on the uprising of 1857, or to watch a documentary/film from the private collection. more...

Revisiting Lucknow of 1857-58

'Revisiting Lucknow of 1857-58’ tour takes you through the routes followed by Havelock, Outarm and Colin Campbell. We visit the areas that were in focus during the siege of Lucknow, we understand how this bloodiest siege progressed to a conclusive end, but not without sacrifices from both the warring fronts. more...

Revisiting Cawnpore of 1857

On this very exclusive curated tour – ‘Revisiting Cawnpore of 1857’, we take you through the areas that were the focus of the siege, we try and understand how this bloodiest siege progressed to a conclusive end, when General Havelock freed Cawnpore of the shadows of the rebels. more...

La Martiniere Decoded

La Martiniere is no less than a living museum, where each room, each floor, each wall and each roof has a story to narrate. Our over 21 years of research and experience has helped us decode the mystery behind this fabulous monument. Join us on a curated tour of La Martiniere...

Village Cuisine Experience

On this tour we take you to a countryside into a traditional Village, where you unlearn all that is urban and learn this traditional ethnic cooking from scratch, cook under supervision and enjoy a limited but a very unique cuisine that urbanized call 'luxury' know more, learn more...

COQUINA - experiential dining

Coquina is an artisan kitchen that produces food from local produce in small portions for maximum of 6 guests. Our guests get a chance to learn about this Passion Cuisine, cook for themselves under expert supervision and enjoy the meal as well. more...

Kite Flying

We take you on a rooftop, where you learn the art of flying kites and winning the match. You learn the vernacular dictum of this game and indulge in a real match. Kite flying enthusiasts of the city gather at one place and mesmerize you with old anecdotes connected to kite-flying. more...

Mokshdayni Ayodhya Walk & Tours

We bring you an exclusive curated Ayodhya Walk and two handcrafted curated experiential tours to Ayodhya, that are bundled with some great experiences including a river-side walk, a one hour boat travel from Faizabad to Ayodhya, an exclusive Aarti, experiential lunch, tea on the boat and a lot more. know more...

Colourful Dhobi Ghat

"They spend their lives trying to break a huge rock with a flimsy piece of cloth" It is rather so true to the Indian washer man who rhythmically beats clothes on the rocks placed on the river banks to clean them and reach your wardrobe. Washer-men colour the banks of river Gomti. more...

Thursday Sufi Sojourn

Your guide will explain about this faith. Offer your respect to the grave inside this shrine, by way of 'Chadar Poshi'. Also enjoy a seated session with the Qawals (devotional Sufi singers), while our expert translates the song that is played in the honour of the Sufi saint. more...

Tea with Nawab

How awesome it would be to meet a descendant of the Nawabs over an afternoon tea, talk to him about all that he has seen changing over the years, know about his family and experience the etiquettes, the mannerism and the art of speech that is mastered by Nawab himself. more...

Golf in Lucknow

On this tour you not only play a game of golf, but also enjoy some bird watching with vivid varieties of birds that flock the area. Also watch the little ones go to school at La Martiniere and watch the boys assemble for their morning assembly that is indeed a pleasant sight to behold. more...

Updates, Products & Events

Click On The Picture Below To Reach Our Garhwal Himalayas Website....

The Garhwal Himalayas - We are now in Haridwar / Rishikesh too. Tourist Handling Services available at our own office in Haridwar. More....



-an experiential dining


 A Private Kitchen-cum-Dining 

up for exclusive booking



GREAT NEWS : Now after our Heritage Walk, this February Our Culinary Walk too is recommended by Conde Nast Traveller



Archived Maps 

- a new section on this website to understand 1857 - the year of siege. Click Here...


Meal Planning By Prateek

We plan what you eat and where you eat. A course meal is served to you on a pre-set menu under an expert guidance of Prateek Hira. More....


Tornos' Victorian Walk now up and walking - (Limited Services)


Lucknow Sightseeing 

(Daily Tour)



Dudhwa Tiger Package

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Tree of Life Jagir Lodge, Dudhwa


Chhapaiya  or Chappiya (or often spelt as Chapiya) is a village in Gonda District in the state of Uttar Pradesh about 50 km from district headquarter Gonda and 40 kilometers from the major city of Ayodhya. Its singular claim to fame is as the birthplace of God Swaminarayan. more...


The Tornos Studio

Tornos Studio - where we stream live talks through our website and stock the finest collection of books based on Lucknow and Indian Mutiny. (Click Here To Watch an Introductory Video of The Tornos Studio) The access to our Studio is absolutely free and we rather welcome researchers, scholars and guests to visit the Tornos Studio by prior appointment. Enjoy your evening tea with us and discuss Lucknow or just watch some interesting documentary film. CLICK HERE



The Tornos Club

The TORNOS CLUBS At Tornos. We are now open to likeminded locals, who wish to share, learn and contribute experiences. more....

Outsource your travel process to us & have an envied brand...

Click above to know more.

Tornos' Victorian Walk 

Tornos' Victorian Walk now up and walking


Kotwara Insight - Muzaffar & Meera Ali


We have an opportunity to enjoy a great afternoon, seeing their workshop of Chikan, Zari and Mukaesh for their label, 'Kotwara'. Admire each piece being readied, with an opportunity to interact with highly skilled artisans at work. We also get to see the collected artifacts, some great works of calligraphy and paintings. Also enjoy short dance clips from Muzaffar's landmark films including Umrao Jaan over a cup of hot tea/coffee served here. If we are lucky we get to meet Muzaffar and Meera Ali at their home, else sit on the couch, where he sits and his creative juices flow. More... 


Dine with The Maharaja


(Raja Amresh Kr Singh)

Two generations of this family have been awarded K.C.I.E by Her Majesty Queen Victoria. The palace remains in possession of the family and is in a perfect condition, being used by Raja Amresh Kumar Singh to live along with his family. More... 


Buy a book on The Residency

One of the finest books on The Lucknow Residency by: Dr.Fonia (This book is only available through us - not on book stalls) Just Rs 250 including postage. A great book to know about the Lucknow uprising and The Lucknow Residency - an insider's view. To buy please go to our contact page and send us an e-mail.


Revisit The Events of  1857

We take you on a remembrance tour of 1857, visiting the places in India that burned during the sepoy rebellion. more...


Families in British India

Click On The Above Image


Read Lucknow in....


Read Rosie Llewellyn Jones on Lucknow....

Buy the books on Lucknow by most celebrated Author, who has spent more than half her life researching the glory of this city. British by birth - but Lucknow's own daughter. 

Click On The Above Image


Read Books at The Tornos Studio

The Tornos Studio stocks the largest collection of books on the uprising of 1857. Also watch some great documentaries and films. We would be pleased to offer some freshly brewed Darjeeling Tea, while you read and watch. CLICK HERE here to watch an Intro Video and understand what is Tornos Studio....


Thursday's Sufi Sojourn

Deva Sharif's Sufi Tour





Golf in Lucknow

Morning Golf with Tornos






Article of the Month 

This month: 'Hussaini Brahmins: A crossover creed'  - .read... There are many versions of the story of the birth of the community and the oral tradition has stayed for several generations. It is said that Dutt Brahmins carry a slit mark on their throat even to this day as a symbol to sacrifice their ancestors made in Karbala. “Since birth I have had a mark on the side of my neck. My father had one too and so does my son. When I came to know about our history and this fact, I felt proud of the sacred mark," said Vipin Mohan, another Hussaini Brahmin..... read...


Featured Recipes from Coquina's  Awadhi Collection

See a few from our featured recipes at The Coquina... 

Lucknow City Map

 Click On The Map


Videos on Lucknow 

We have now introduced an Exclusive Page for EDUTAINMENT, to post some exciting videos on Lucknow, its culture, cuisine, craft and people. We would love to hear from you if you come across any new video on Lucknow and want us to include it on this page. CLICK HERE...


Our Latest & Upcoming Products

Tornos' Victorian Walk now up and walking - (Limited Services)


Lucknow Sightseeing 

(Daily Tour)




-an experiential dining

 A Private Kitchen-cum-Dining 

up for exclusive booking


Morning Golf with Tornos



The Tornos Terrace  

Students can do INTERNSHIP 

If you are a student of travel and tourism, you have an opportunity to get hands-on experience in the trade after your studies. more...


Enjoy your Afternoon Tea at The Tornos Studio

The Tornos Studio will be pleased to serve some freshly brewed Darjeeling Tea with traditional scones, sandwiches, Indian savouries, cake with our compliments while you read the books from our collection or watch a film (By Appointment Only). Click Here



Dudhwa Tiger Package

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Tree of Life Jagir Lodge, Dudhwa


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